Sunstone’s Popular B2B Negotiation MOOC is now on WizIQ

MOOC Using WizIQ

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Why Learn Business Negotiation?

The Art of Negotiating is critical to business, everywhere in the world. And it is one skill that is developed with time and experience, rather than inherited. Business contexts such as deal-making, employment discussions, corporate team building, labor/management talks, contracts, and handling disputes, negotiation is a key ingredient in making of a good manager/leader.

Sunstone Business School is launching a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), on WizIQ. This MOOC, which starts on October 14, is designed to empower the learners with the art of negotiation for growing their businesses.

Learning Objectives

In this course you would learn strategies to create win-win options as buyers and suppliers. Prepare for B2B negotiations and uncover common biases and pitfalls in the process:

  • Use integrative approach to B2B negotiations to come with win-win options

  • Leverage salami effect as a buyer and supplier

  • Understand cost plus as reservation price for supplier

  • Understand BATNA as a buyer and as a supplier

  • Recognize and explore the ZOPA

  • Manage conflicts through contracts & Multiple Simultaneous Equivalent offers (MESOs)

 Who should attend?

Those who want to discover their personal style to be an effective negotiator.

Engineers, tech professionals, entrepreneurs, purchasing managers, sales and marketing managers, human resource professionals, women professionals, consultants, designers, freelancers, etc. can all benefit from this program.

What does the course include?
  • 2 Webinars: approx. 1 hour each

  • Pre-recorded videos

  • Negotiation Simulation: 1 Telephonic case

  • Forum Discussions: 3-4

 About the Instructor

rajul garg sunstone

Rajul Garg is co-founder of Sunstone Business School, and has been teaching Entrepreneurship, Negotiations and other parts of Organizational Performance at Sunstone Business School. His specific areas of interest are organization structure, communication and leadership. Rajul was a co-founder of GlobalLogic where he managed a large operation for several years. This involved continuously negotiating with employees and customers. Later on, he led inorganic growth through M&A and dealt with lot of transactional and strategic negotiations. Rajul has consulted with leading venture capital firms like Sequoia and Battery Capital. He is a weekly writer for Sunstone Business Review and has written several articles on leadership, negotiations & entrepreneurship. Rajul is a computer science graduate from IIT Delhi.

Enroll Now

Here is the link to the free course: The online course commences on 14 October 2013, and will conclude on 23 October 2013. You will have access to all course material from 15 September.


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