Tablets in Education: WizIQ Wednesday Webinar #4 (Video)

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This week’s Wednesday Webinar on tablets in education ended up being a very interesting discussion on the various players in the industry, why the iPad isn’t always the best choice for students, and just how slick the Intel Studybook really is. An edited version of the webinar is now available as a podcast on iTunes and it’s embedded below for easy viewing. You can also find a larger version of the video here if you have the bandwidth to stream it.

This particular webcast almost turned into a rant on the current state of electronic and paper textbooks in schools. As regular attendees of the Wednesday Webinars know, I’m pretty easy to sidetrack. However, I remained strong and set that discussion aside for next week. So I hope you’ll join me next Wednesday at 12:30pm EDT for “WizIQ Wednesday Webinars #5: Electronic vs. Paper Texts“.

Christopher Dawson

Chris is a full-time online teacher since then, focusing on teaching Business English to Adults. Rather than pushing the boundaries of technology, Chris seeks to simplify the online learning process by focusing on authentic human connections as a way to make online learning accessible for learners of all ages.

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