Finding Happiness in Life: A Talk with MeiMei Fox

MeiMei Fox[Life Coach and Author, MeiMei Fox]

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” ~ Helen Keller

‘Thank God It’s Monday!’, said no one ever. What is it about the start of a week that makes us feel miserable? The “to do list” seems endless: pending emails, spreadsheets, round the clock meetings, the dreaded boss, all of this with the bills, kids, family dinners, anniversaries and besides all this, there is some teaching and learning to be done on WizIQ too! A gazillion jobs to be done and no time for yourself. So, how does one find ‘joy’ in everyday life?

Our teachers on WizIQ have been doing a great job. They come from different professional backgrounds and have extremely busy lives. So, we decided to get a qualified psychotherapist, a yoga instructor and a professional author on health & wellness to give us some insight on everyday practices that can enhance our “joy” factor. These aren’t three different guests, but one fascinating lady: MeiMei Fox!

MeiMei is an honors graduate with a master’s degree in Psychology from Stanford University, going on to further study Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

MeiMei has played several roles as a professional and is passionate about helping people find joy.

Author, Editor, Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Business Analyst, Expedition Writer, Strategic Planner and Social Media Manager; MeiMei’s work reflects her many passions.

MeiMei’s blog 40 Ways to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life on Huffington Post is a delightful read. Khary, one of her readers applied the ‘40 ways’ to his everyday life and was successful in finding ‘the joy of life’.

“I thought it’d be just another challenge. It ended up being far more awesome than that.”  ~ Khary Penebaker

In this upcoming conversation with Dr. Nellie Deutsch, MeiMei talks about finding happiness in your everyday life. This involves realizing that:

1. Happiness, like every other emotion and experience in life, is temporary. So it’s not about attaining a permanent state. It’s about discovering and appreciating small moments of joy in your everyday life.

2. The greatest keys to happiness are being present in the moment, connecting authentically with others, and putting LOVE first.

MeiMei will delve into what each of these entails. Log on and follow this link to participate in the live interview.


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