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Teach English Online: The Complete Guide to Skyrocket Your Teaching Career

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Are you interested in teaching English online? Wondering which platform would be the best to market your e-course, enrol learners from different parts of the world, and deliver live classes?

A simple Google search will give you a number of options. You can follow the hit-and-trial approach till you find the best solution that meets all your needs. Or you can save yourself time and energy by seeing what experts did and what got them success.

London English Online, a successful online english tutoring company, tried out multiple platforms like Google Chat, WebEx and Skype when they started out. Though they were able to interact with students through these, it was nothing close to a real classroom experience.

They started searching for a powerful online teaching software that would enable real-time communication and also offered a host of teaching tools. They came across WizIQ– one of the most popular online learning destinations. They found WizIQ had its own Virtual Classroom too with a bevy of features to teach English live, online. It was the perfect solution they were looking for. But was it affordable? Yes, indeed.

London English Online now uses WizIQ to deliver multiple one-on-one and distance courses. Their students are extremely satisfied and many of them come back to pursue advanced courses as well.

Why Online English Teaching In The First Place?

David Harris, the founder of London English Online, was working as an Assistant Director of Studies at a school in London when he strongly realized the need for online ESL (English as a second language) tutoring to help busy professionals. The hectic work schedules didn’t allow these professionals to attend school and learn the global language.

David knew that being proficient in English could “go a long way in enhancing the life and career prospects of an individual.” To address this need, David started London English Online to offer the best of both worlds – the value of personal tutoring and the flexibility to take the course online at hours convenient to working professionals.

How & Where to Start English Teaching Online?

Getting started is the hardest part. Not if you know how and where. London English Online started their own website where interested students could access the course materials and for personal tutoring, they could interact with instructors using Google Chat, WebEx and Skype. However, it did not meet all their teaching requirements and they realized they had to go in for a powerful virtual classroom to grow big.

An online search led to WizIQ, which not only allowed 4.3 million instructors and learners from more than 200 countries to publish their course or learn online, but also had its own virtual classroom to deliver live classes to thousands of students simultaneously. With a group of qualified EFL teachers, London English Online now uses WizIQ to deliver one-on-one and small group distance courses.

If you are an individual teacher or an organization wishing to launch your english teaching career, follow these steps to start teaching and earning today:

  • Set Up a Teacher/Org Account: Signing up on WizIQ is free. You can sign up on WizIQ using your email address or Facebook credentials. Once you have created your account, you can choose your role as: Teacher, organization with multiple teachers, or student. This helps to customize your experience on WizIQ.
  • Create & Publish Your Course: WizIQ allows you to create three types of courses- Paid Course, MOOC (Open or free Course), and Private Course. Paid courses get automatically listed on the WizIQ Learning Marketplace from where thousands can view it and enroll in your course. Private courses, on the other hand, help you setup your own private learning network and send personalized course invitation to enroll learners. MOOCs are free courses to enable you to connect with a large group of learners globally in real time.
  • Add Content to Your Course: Whether it’s a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, video, test or an assignment, you can add these to your course on WizIQ and allow your students to learn at their own pace and convenience. You can even set up a live class and add it to your private course or MOOC.

That’s it. You can set a price of your Paid course and start earning handsomely. London English Online too uses WizIQ to publish their courses and earn from them. They however, use WizIQ the most for delivering live classes to their students via WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom. (You can access the complete case study on London English Online here).

What WizIQ Virtual Classroom Lets You Do

To help your students learn English effectively, you need to have face-to-face communication with them in real time. A live classroom that enables text, audio and video chat in real time between teachers and students helps create a personal learning environment where learners can pick up the nuances of the new language quickly. You also need an interactive whiteboard software similar to the blackboard to write and display your content.

London English Online had the same requirements for their virtual classroom. At the same time, they wanted an affordable solution that would not jeopardize the viability of their startup. Virtual Classroom seemed the perfect fit. Here’s how WizIQ Virtual Classroom benefitted them and what all you can do with it:

  • Live Text Chat: An interactive learning environment is conducive to effective learning. WizIQ Virtual Classroom lets students and teachers chat in real time, raise questions, give answers, and stay on the same page with rest of the students in the class.
  • Multi-Way Audio/Video Streaming: WizIQ Virtual Classroom lets you setup a live class where students can see and hear the instructor via live video stream. Instructor can anytime give audio and video controls to students to enable audio and video chat in real time. This brings your class to life and is much required in an English class to teach the right pronunciation to students.
  • Interactive Whiteboard: Not only can you write notes on the whiteboard but also play content from your Content Library in the virtual class. English instructors can easily access their Content Library from within the class and show documents, presentations, videos, etc. to students. Multiple whiteboards can be opened simultaneously and teachers can switch amongst these whiteboards to show a particular content.
  • Built-in Media Player: English language instructors benefit a lot from this feature. WizIQ Virtual Classroom has a built-in Media Player that allows teachers to play videos and audio files during class, any number of times and on-the-fly if needed. YouTube videos and music recordings can be used as courseware to supplement learning in the live classroom.
  • Breakout Rooms: English language instructors love this feature. You can divide your class into groups and send them to separate sub-classrooms. Students develop a greater sense of intimacy when they learn in smaller groups. You can move from one breakout group to another to moderate group activities or even move students from room to room.
  • Recorded Classes: WizIQ allows instructors to enable recordings of the live sessions so they can be further shared with students who missed the live class or want to revisit it again.

All these features and many more have won WizIQ Virtual Classroom several awards, including the “Best Virtual Classroom.” WizIQ is also the most affordable solution for an online tutoring company.

Well thought out curricula, experienced teachers, and a user friendly and robust platform like WizIQ allowed LEO to build a reputation for itself in online English tutoring in a short span of time. It’s time you start your online teaching career too! If you have never used a virtual classroom before, don’t worry. It’s very simple to use.

You can drop in a mail at to seek a live demo of the platform and the virtual classroom. We have 24/7 customer and technical support. You can even request 14-days free trial to try your hands on the award-winning WizIQ Virtual Classroom by contacting or by clicking the link below:

Claim Your 14-day Free Trial Now!

Become an expert, trusted ESL instructor with WizIQ today! Best of luck!

P.S. Did you know WizIQ has launched the first ever iOS App that lets students take your live classes from their iPhone anytime, anywhere. Know more about it here.
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