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Teach Languages Online Anytime, Anywhere with WizIQ


Want to teach languages to learners across the globe and establish yourself as one of the best language teachers in the world? Log on to WizIQ today!

The platform has a powerful virtual classroom that offers multilingual support in 19 languages thus giving instructors across the world the power to teach online in their native language.

In this blog post, we will explore new opportunities available to language educators online on WizIQ.

WizIQ gives you the opportunity to quickly connect with learners from all over the world and teach languages online. With the help of our highly versatile and state-of-the-art platform, you will be able to teach from home or from anywhere you want, at any time you prefer.

You can create personalized courses that best suit your learners’ needs. With WizIQ, your learners will progress fast and enjoy your lessons at the same time!

Here’s how you can use WizIQ’s virtual classroom to focus on specific areas of your courses:

Bring Diverse Content Formats Into Play

WizIQ Virtual Classroom has a powerful content conversion engine, which supports PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, and other content formats.

The interface is designed to support teaching in 20+ languages, including English, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, French, Polish, Czech, Malay, Persian/Farsi, Italian, German, Turkish and Dutch.

Help Students Practice

Helping the learners practice languages is much more effective than teaching from textbooks. By talking to your learners one-to-one, you will be able to quickly improve their pronunciation and fluency. You will see their level of confidence rising fast, which will benefit their ability to communicate in the language of their choice.

When you have an interactive whiteboard, a chat box, audio/visual capabilities, and a media player, you can design many creative activities for your students. Your lesson can focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, or speaking. Whatever the focus may be, WizIQ’s virtual classroom technology supports it.

Grammar Practice and Syntax Construction

The virtual classroom helps a teacher present grammar instructions for a language in various exciting ways. The built-in media player enables the users to play podcasts, mindmaps, images, infographics, and colourful presentations which make learning a memorable and enjoyable experience.

If you want an ‘in-class’ experience, that’s easily possible. WizIQ Virtual Classroom’s interactive online whiteboard supports collaborative work by allowing the teachers to pass on the writing controls to the students. Teachers can put up paragraphs and students can work together to correct the grammar or the spellings. They can discuss the rules together, which will help them deepen their understanding of the language. For example, Spanish students can work together to determine the correct usage of a particular phrase.

Backchannel Discussions

Anything that happens aside from the ‘main’ discussion is covered under the “Backchannel” conversation.

The backchannel conversation via chat box allows for independent student interaction during live online sessions without interrupting the flow of a presentation. The backchannel capabilities can be exploited to engage learners actively and creatively. Presenters can elicit information from students, or use Socratic questioning techniques to guide learners towards their own discoveries. Dry lectures can be transformed into lively creativity fests or stimulating intellectual challenges.

The course feed helps the students communicate outside the class. The teachers need not to take part in the offline discussions and students can effectively practice their language skills through coursefeed discussion. WizIQ caters to the basic needs of the learners and creates opportunities for real interaction.

Vocabulary Building

WizIQ encourages the ‘divide and teach’ policy for the modern day teachers via the “Breakout Rooms”. The teachers can very easily break a classroom into smaller classrooms with lesser number of attendees and teach them simultaneously by moving from one room to another, supervising, listening, moderating, and helping them.

These breakout rooms are extremely useful to practice vocabulary using interactive games, storytelling and memory work with the aid of advanced yet simple, eye-catching whiteboard tricks or presentations.

Speech Practice

YouTube has become the largest used means of communication via videos. Virtual classroom’s YouTube player gives the teachers an option of using the YouTube videos to teach the right pronunciations. As an example, you can see Rachel’s video on YouTube. She is a well renowned teacher with an expertise on teaching how to pronounce words using visual demonstrations. Teachers can also pass on the speaking control to students and then judge or guide them with the correct pronunciation.

Fluency development can take the form of role plays, chat shows, debates, games or exams practice. Pair work and more extensive speaking sessions can also take place in breakout rooms.

Book Clubs

Teachers love to keep the learners socially engaged around their courses. WizIQ understands this need and supports the teachers in doing so by helping the teachers set up book clubs. Asynchronous book discussions can be facilitated through coursefeed discussion which can be used as a virtual bulletin board for the students.

Teachers are provided with the ability of assigning reading passages to the students. Based on the passage, teachers can put up questions for the students to respond. The threaded discussion systems allow students to respond to conversations and put forth their queries and problems.

Get Started

Getting started with WizIQ is easy and quick. All you have to do is sign up for a free account at Our 24×7 online support staff helps you work seamlessly with your learners at all times.

With this array of world-class multilingual features, you can easily create and teach a course from wherever you are in the world.


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