Teachers, gear up for WizIQ face lift!

Improving user experience is a top priority at WizIQ. In our upcoming new release, we’re enabling easier access to the most fundamental part of the site for teachers and organizations: the homepage, otherwise called the dashboard. This new release includes a three-column layout with single-click access to options such as scheduling classes (even with a free account), creating tests, and uploading content.

Here’s a brief tour of the three-column layout:

  1. Left navigation panel: Offers quick access to your courses and classes, along with the ability to create new courses, schedule live classes, upload content, and create new tests.
  2. Middle navigation panel: Displays your live and upcoming classes, allowing you to immediately join an ongoing live class.
  3. Right navigation panel: Shows items related to WizIQ, such as the ability to ‘Invite People,’ view a virtual classroom demonstration, see the latest news from WizIQ, and access ‘My Network.’

We hope you’ll agree that this latest update offers a new and improved WizIQ. Please feel free to tell us what you think once the release goes live, and let us know what else could improve your teaching experience on our platform!

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