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Teaching And Learning without Barriers WizIQ launches its Spanish Website

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The language problem dates back to the mankind’s earliest days.

According to the Book of Genesis, it all started when men speaking the same language started building the Tower of Babel as an act of rebellion against God. It was an ambitious goal indeed. But, God thwarted their efforts by confusing their languages. In other words, he created different languages which prevented the men from understanding each other and finishing the tower.

Well, we don’t know how true that story is. What we do know is that language barrier exists even today, and we can’t make everyone speak the same language anymore. However, we can make people understand what they need to understand.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We have not taken it upon ourselves to finish building the Tower of Babel. We have launched WizIQ’s Spanish website, allowing users to consume the website content in Spanish. As we reach out to more and more multilingual users globally, it’s only natural for us to make our content available in one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Accessing website content in Spanish is a no-brainer. WizIQ’s Spanish website loads automatically based on the location and language settings of your browser. In case it doesn’t load, simply click the dropdown list (see image below) at the bottom of any webpage and select Spanish (es). As soon as you make the selection, the website content gets translated into Spanish. You can switch back to English content by selecting English (en) from the dropdown list anytime.

WizIQ's Spanish Website

This upgrade aims to bring useful content on WizIQ to the Spanish-speaking world, and foster an environment where language is no longer a barrier to teaching and learning.

Questions or feedback? Post a comment here or write to us at team@wiziq.com.



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