Technologies are emerging, but where are the teachers?

Forced Learning
As far as I’m concerned, learning should be fun and relevant or what’s the point of learning? In fact, being told what, how, where to learn, may be distracting students from learning and making schools useless. Listen to a recording made of Isaac Asimov on learning, school, and the Internet.

The Online Library
According to Asimov (1980), everyone can now have a private teacher/school through the Internet. Personal learning is for everyone. Forced to be in school for learning is turning school into a prison for kids. You don’t need to learn in school. In fact, there are many Massive Open Online Courses that are providing free courses on differing topics for everyone these days in and out of school. Why not join them?

Collaborative e-Book
I just received an email about co-writing an online book. The topic is The online education technology landscape: Theories, perspectives and practices. You are invited to send your proposal. The editors of the e-book are (1) Lisa Marie BLASCHKE, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany; (2) Gila KURTZ, The College for Academic Studies, Israel; and (3) Stella PORTO, University of Maryland University College, USA. The proposals are to be in the form of a 1-2 page short abstract are invited for a new e-textbook to be published by the ASF series by Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, scheduled for 2013.

The purpose of this e-textbook is to discuss emerging technologies within the field of online education and their respective theoretical frameworks. The textbook would not only draw on established theories, but also examine emerging and current trends and ideas for theorizing about distance education, providing case study descriptions of the use of the technologies. The book is to be published as an open educational resource available under the Creative Commons license and published as part of the ASF Series on Distance Education.

Teachers are Left Behind
This is a great idea, is it not? Of course it is. I receive so many of these free for all projects. I even created many of my own free-for-all projects. However, whom are we kidding? Great educational technologies are emerging, but where are the teachers? The teachers are left behind. They are behind because the educational system they are affiliated with doesn’t allow any change. One of the most unchanging aspect of school is the evaluation system and grades.

Stuck in the Past with the Old Grading System
The grading system is keeping teachers stuck in the past. As long as the education system sticks to the old grading system, teachers will continue to do what they are forced to do – teach to the test. Let the teachers innovate and make learning fun with technology. Free the teachers so they can make learning possible within the school system and watch how the students and teachers thrive.

Time to Change the School System
The time has come to make a change. I would love to start a revolution in the school system. I have been scheming to do this since grade 12. However, I need others to join me to make the change. The problem is that there’s a lot at stake. Teachers can lose their jobs, if they go against the system. I can lose my job, too, but I’m wiling to take the chance. How about you?

Learning Can be Fun
Learning online provides students with a choice of what, when, where, and how to learn. Choice is important. You wouldn’t enjoy being forced to have fun a certain way, so why would you force someone to learn in a specific way. You should have the freedom to learn your way, any time, any where.

Charles Goodger & Learning Through Songs

Jason R. Levine in a Conversation on WizIQ

Learning through WizIQ
I’ve been teaching and learning both in and out of the formal school system. I teach face-to-face and online classes through conventional systems (high school/college). However, I also teach on my own via WizIQ and Moodle. I have been teaching on my own for free mostly since 2003. I love the freedom of learning through online tools such as WizIQ live online classes. Did I say learning? Yes, for me learning is teaching and teaching is learning. Why not join me and start teaching for yourself on WizIQ. The opportunity to teach everyone around the globe is very exciting.

Free Premium Accounts for Teachers
Teachers can now get free premium accounts on WizIQ. The free account allows teachers to create and share free and for profit courses, add and share content, schedule and give live online classes, and create video recordings for flipped and online classes. WizIQ virtual classroom provides teachers with the freedom to teach and share learning. I thrive on the freedom to teach & learn via WizIQ. The formal school system I work for does not allow my students and I to experience learning by choice. You are invited to join me and learn why I have been using WizIQ education online since 2007.

Your Support is Needed
I’ve been teaching within the school system for over 30 years. Let’s stop kidding ourselves and face the fact that the grading system is killing learning. Join me in the fight for the freedom to learn in schools. If you’re interested in making a difference in the school system, respond to this blog post and let me know. Together, we can make the change we talk about.

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