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Welcome to issue two in our interview series where we explore the Secrets of leading Edupreneurs online. Most of you should know Drew Badger from English Anyone  if you were following Jason R. Levine’s recent ELT MOOC. If you don’t know Drew yet, you’re in for a lovely surprise indeed.

One look at his beautiful website will show you a professional who excels on multiple levels; from great teaching ideas and approaches, to smooth video making & a seamless website design that allows for open communication with its readers and subscribers.

Drew’s latest initiative is very exciting. He has created an exclusive guide to meeting native speakers online as well as a series of power learning MP3 audio files.

What strikes me most about his approach is his precise focus on confidence-building, something which I feel should be a priority in all learning programmes.  In fact, it was my main point in a previous article I wrote called ” Does it matter HOW you learn”?

My point was that how you FEEL about learning is more important than how you learn. Drew Badger makes you feel really positive about learning as he eases away doubts and negatives beliefs, and provides you with wonderful communication tools and tips to help you successfully tap into the world of native English speakers.

Here’s a quote from his website:

“Discover the 5 best places online to meet native English speakers (Hint: NONE of them are English learning forums or websites), the 3 dangerous mistakes stopping most learners from getting fluent, the secret to instant learning and much more on a full week of powerful training – complete with video lessons, bonus MP3 audio files, full transcripts and a few surprises – absolutely free! Just add your email address and click “Subscribe” to get started.”

Drew asked me to read his fluency report a couple of months ago before it went public. Here is my short review of how I feel about his work.

“Drew Badger is one of those educators whose work clicks with me on many levels. His dynamic fluency podcasts and bold efforts to promote confidence-building are based upon much research and a deep understanding of the psychology of learning.

I would say that Drew has an instinctive flair for teaching and understanding people, but he doesn’t just fly with his talent. His energy goes into exploring the nature of self-confidence and developing lessons that are intrinsically designed to reach the hearts and minds of students so that they, too, can excel.

I love Drew’s style as it uniquely brings together crucial elements in brain-based learning and social/emotional development through language. It’s all about creativity, colour, memory enhancement, action and fun. This is what Drew Badger does. His work is an inspiration.”

~ Sylvia Guinan

Drew is a fun-loving teacher who is  wonderful with children and loves animals. His photos are  heart-warming, natural, and a reminder of why we are teaching in the first place. We teach to connect, communicate and share. By modelling how we can share things about ourselves, our students will pick up these socially engaging habits too.

drew badger

I recommend that you check out his brain-friendly website and avail of his free gifts and videos,  especially his fluency report and his power learning secrets to fast fluency video course.

Of course, the real reason we are here is to learn more about the man behind EnglishAnyone.com and, especially to be inspired by what makes him tick so that we can apply some of his principles to our own professional situations and dreams.

Let the Tweet Chat begin:


1) What’s the REAL secret behind your Fluency report?

The secret is in the change of mindset. Students learn to think differently about how they practice, to see faster results.

2) Where does your optimism come from?

From having struggled myself. I’ve seen the fluency journey from start to finish so I know what’s possible for learners.

3) What’s your one ‘secret’ mistake that has actually propelled your success all the more?

Having received no formal EFL/ESL training, I had to figure things out on my own. This mistake, however, made me a leader and innovator.

4) Which natural talent contributes most to your work?

Humor! If I couldn’t dazzle and entertain, it would be very tough to help students learn.

5) What’s the secret to making timid learners more confident?

Breaking things into steps so simple they can’t possibly fail. Once they achieve those first successes, momentum takes care of the rest.

6) What’s your Ninja psychological trick to persevering when the going gets tough?

Stop. Redirect your focus to something else and return to what frustrated you with fresh eyes.

7) What were you doing when the Edupreneuring idea first hit you?

I was teaching in the classroom when it occurred to me that my time would be better spent teaching the world.

8) Which 20% of your work gives you the greatest results?

Storytelling. Period.

9) Name one area of your work where you weren’t naturally talented but where you developed competence through hard work and vision.

Listening. I have so many ideas that it can be hard to control my ego. My students have helped me see the light. 🙂

10) What else do we need to know about you?

If I can do what I do from a small, rural town in Japan, anyone can!


If you have suggestions for people you would like to see covered here, tweet to me with the hashtag #EduWinfrey.

Enjoy and be inspired:)

Optimistic quote of the day:

If I can do what I do from a small, rural town in Japan, anyone can!

Sylvia Guinan

is an online English teacher, writer and blogger who facilitates professional development online. She uses brain-friendly techniques to help students and teachers around the world. She designs educational materials, develops courses, writes resource papers and publishes ebooks. Her work is the result of much research into the psychology of learning, as well as hands-on experience with multi-media technology.

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