National Teacher Appreciation Week 2014

A Thank You from WizIQ on National Teacher Appreciation Week

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Teachers are vital to the fabric of society. The renowned nineteenth-century American historian and writer, Henry Adams, once wrote: “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” So how does one adequately say “thank you” to all of the teachers that, day after day, dedicate their lives to education and to making our world a better place?

On any given day, grateful students and parents might thank a teacher with a thoughtful card or a shiny red apple, and those tokens are small but important ways to show teachers how much they mean to our lives. However, because this week is National Teacher Appreciation Week in the U.S., we at WizIQ wanted to take the opportunity to extend our gratitude to teachers, for all they do to impact and improve our world.

Online education was once bound by the restrictions of distance and a lack of interactive capability necessary for effective learning. For WizIQ teachers, though, technology has become a valuable aid and asset for enabling virtual education without limits, complete with interactive, synchronous activities. There are many inspiring stories of incredible WizIQ teachers who have been able to harness the power of our comprehensive online education platform and see great results. Here are a few amazing success stories of devoted teachers who have used the WizIQ platform’s advanced technology to facilitate the best in online learning:

  • SchoolPage is an innovative education company that uses WizIQ to transform the possibilities for online tutoring. Applying the well-known philosophical approaches of Marie Montessori, educator Dana Jandhyala developed the SchoolPage concept to better address the changing needs of students in our increasingly digital world. Features like real-time communication, video and text chatting, and polling functions in WizIQ’s scalable platform make it possible to give students more individualized attention, and the interactive tools facilitate the student-teacher dialogue needed for successful learning.  With its unique approach to tutoring, dedicated teachers, and the help of WizIQ’s engaging online education platform, SchoolPage students have seen a 90% increase in their grades.

  • Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Atlantic University faculty member and founder of Moodle for Teachers, is an internationally known expert in educational technology who brings a lively, multimedia approach to online teaching. Since 2007, she has been using WizIQ to provide dynamic, interactive MOOCs to thousands of adults around the world. Dr. Deutsch uses the WizIQ Virtual Classroom to hold live, instructor-led, synchronous classes that supplement asynchronous sessions. She loves the way WizIQ allows her to engage in real time with students while she answers questions, shares various types of content, and uses the interactive virtual whiteboards, bringing her online classes to life and helping to better educate interested learners.

  • Studentnest is a premier tutoring service based in Fresno, California. Started by Chander and Monika Joshi, and approved by the state of California under the No Child Left Behind Act, Studentnest provides one-on-one tutoring to students at under-performing schools. They wanted to expand and bring some of their tutoring services online so that they would be able to offer 24/7 live tutoring for the convenience of students and parents. Without any additional investment, they began using WizIQ to maximize their tutoring with the Virtual Classroom’s audio, video, chatting, whiteboard, and math tools. Plus, they are able to record every session and offer downloads to students for review. In just the first five years after beginning with WizIQ, they scheduled nearly 60,000 class sessions with a total of nearly 30,000 attendees, and the numbers have continued to grow as they help thousands of students achieve their best.

WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom platform and online education software has enabled countless of teachers, tutors, corporations, and organizations to provide interactive, engaging, and cost-effective educational services to learners worldwide. Still, even with all of the valuable features and tools of the robust WizIQ Virtual Classroom, true education demands devoted, talented teachers giving their all to help students achieve their goals and realize their potential.

To WizIQ teachers, and all the teachers around the U.S. and the world, we want to extend our deepest appreciation and respect. You make a real difference every day, and we thank you.

Written by Rosa Fattahi


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