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“The best managers bring out the sunlight”: Al Goodman talks about Employee Productivity

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Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they’re not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.

― Ken Robinson

Close your eyes. Think of all your achievements. Feeling great? Ask yourself – how did I achieve all this? I assume the answer would be “encouraging” words said by some people. Whether it’s your first presentation in the school or getting your driving license, there are some people who always inspire you to bring out the best in you. We call these people – real leaders.

We all need such leaders not only in our personal life but also in our professional journey. Unfortunately, companies these days only provide annual performance review instead of following a regular regimen that gives employees enough time for interaction with their managers.

Al Goodman, President of Albert James Associates, LLC, realized this problem and turned his 25 years of experience into an innovative program called ROR (Return On Recognition) to help corporations make strategic improvements in employee performance.

I had a chance to get hold of Al and learn more about the ROR approach, employee productivity and his own professional life. Here’re the excerpts of our conversation.

  • Me: You have been leading human resource development for over 25 years. How has been the experience?

Al Goodman: I have been fortunate to have worked for some great companies with employees and manufacturing plants all over the globe.  Working with people in different countries and learning about their culture has been very exciting.  Some of the best experiences were facilitating  teams of managers from all over the world with a focus on how we could make our business better.

  • What has been your motto when it comes to boosting employee productivity?

Communication and a collaborative work environment – where there is respect for the employee’s intelligence and the employees trust the management team.

  • What kind of work environment best stimulates productivity?

Where can we find long term employee engagement?  I am talking about long term ongoing success, not short term results for a quarter or twelve. months.  Authentic leadership is where employees trust their management team and mission of the company is mixed with an open collaborative work environment.  A robust on-going dialogue from the top and from the employees all with a tone of respect.

  • How can managers create such an environment within their organizations?

The best managers bring out the sunlight!  In business terms they maximize human capital by obtaining their employees time, talent, effort, energy, commitment, and creativity. The ROR model has 4 essentials:1) it is a simple process for helping an employee achieve their objectives. 2) on-going dialogue with employee and manager 3) focus on the future  4) Employee Ownership/Employee tracks their individual performance.  And best of all, ROR harnesses the latest technology and fundamental human behavior for achieving employee greatness.

Al is going to share more of his wisdom in a free webinar “How Do Savvy Managers Create Measurable Performance Improvement?”  on August, 5th. In this webinar, he’ll share more information about ROR approach, the value and effect of honest and consistent feedback and other best practices for employee performance improvement.

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See you in the webinar, then!


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