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Tomorrow’s business professionals are seeking out new technological solutions for their communications. Today’s students are looking for highly trained teachers. What are teachers looking for?

More professional development, but free, fast and On Demand. That’s what EFLtalks is all about.

EFLtalks is a global Professional Development Network (PLN) offering webinars with shorter content, live or On Demand, in a free, fun and lively experience. The days of the old 1-hour lecture are drawing to an end. Who has the time? Just as professionals and students are crying out for quicker more efficient methodologies and solutions, so should teachers.

EFLtalks presents their 10 in 10 series of web events. 10 minutes, 10 slides, live and archived videos that get to the point. Top global experts in one place. Short, sweet, succinct.

But wait… there’s a twist.


The idea behind EFLtalks, is to build a free, living, growing, worldwide Professional Learning Network (PLN) for EFL/ESL teachers past, present and future. As globalization continues to grow, the need for teachers to have easy and organized access to the latest in Teacher Development (TD). Having lived and taught in Brazil for the last 12 years, I know that access to the latest ideas in methodology out of the US and UK is easy with the internet, but knowing who is at the forefront when you are a university student in Morocco or even a seasoned teacher in Taipei is not so easy. Hence, EFLtalks.


10 in 10 for 10 was built on the idea of teachers talking for only 10 minutes, using only 10 PowerPoint slides and running non-stop for 10 hours. The individual 10-minute recordings are archived and viewable on a searchable database via a website and YouTube. For our first webathon, we had 50 professionals from around the world as EFLtalkers. Each presented their own 10-minute presentation on various subjects important to all teachers. We have posted all the recordings in one place – www.EFLtalks.com.


In keeping with the idea of producing new, creative and innovative methods of providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to EFL teachers worldwide, will flip their upcoming web event.

10 in 10 for YOU, to be held on Saturday, February 20th, is doing something different by crowdsourcing the subject matter. Teachers will ask their questions through a survey made through and by EFL Magazine for this event. The questions will then be distributed to our worldwide experts, or EFLtalkers, and they will answer them, live, using our exclusive 10 minute, 10 slide web event format. The event will be recorded and archived in the growing, searchable database on our website and YouTube channel for viewing anytime and anywhere.


The event will take place in February on the 20th or 21st or both depending on the volume of questions we receive. We also offer prizes from our sponsors and speakers for viewers of the live event and we will vote on the best question for the grand prize. Information will be on our website as well as our Facebook page.


We are already planning another event for October of 2016 and when we get the technology up to par, we are planning 10 in 10 for 24, a 24-hour webathon with 120 professionals.  We will be releasing updates on our future sessions through Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/efltalks) and Twitter (@efltalkslive).

I have made some great new friends through all of this and many have been connecting and collaborating with each other since the event. In fact, Nellie helps me moderate EFLtalks, and now I am here helping her with CO16. One third of the CO16 presenters are also EFLtalkers.

Not only have we built up our PLN’s but we have a chance to build a legacy for the future of EFL throughout the world. I hope for the next event, you can be a part of it. Why not send us your questions now?

Rob is presenting on “EFLtalks Selfies: The Flipped Camera” on Friday, 5th February at 2 PM EST. Click on ‘save your spot’ button to attend his session.


Rob Howard

Rob Howard is the owner of Online Language Center, a live online course for C1/C2 level students. He is a teacher, tutor, trainer, material designer and blogger for English as a foreign language. He speaks frequently, both in-person and online, regarding online retention as well as using technology in and out of the classroom. He is also the founder of EFLtalks.


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