Tips for Hosting More Inclusive Meetings

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Tips for Hosting More Inclusive Meetings

Times have changed now when everyone worked for a company, and we used to stay near the office and worked in-office for five days a week, while only 2-3 colleagues were working remotely. The time was there when we used to work full time and our working styles were totally different. 

When the companies changed the working style to fully remote or Work from Home overnight. It gave the opportunity to work online with the team members. Technology has taken 1 step closer to inclusive meetings, we all together have to make sure our meetings are inclusive. 


Would like to share a few steps to help others understand how WizIQ can make it more inclusive. 

  1. Personally Greet your colleagues

As soon as the meeting starts, always greet your colleagues and ask about how they are doing as it gives a personal touch to the person in a virtual setting. If any participant joins late, quickly bring them on the same page. By doing this you are setting a positive tone for the meeting. 

  1. Let the remote employees discuss first

If you are having a meeting for both in-office and remote employees, always allow the remote employees to speak first and they feel more included. It gives them a feeling of being valued and they are a part of the contribution, and they feel meetings are worth the time. 

  1. Give more privacy

Always suggest the remote employees to blur the background and not display their personal space in video meetings. always ask the employee if they are comfortable switching on the camera. 

  1. Be an active communicator 

Whether it is a group meeting or an individual meeting. Give the employees more chances to speak in the meeting and be a good listener. An active listener is always great to let them contribute. Give your replies with emoji reactions, and chat messages. If you see any employees quiet for a while, give them a chance to speak. 

  1. Go Online — even if you’re in the office 

Now the office environments have changed, and everyone is working online, even if you are in the office try joining a meeting online, even if there are few people together in the office. By doing this you are having a habit of online meeting tools and WizIQ Meet is one of the best platforms as it enables break-out rooms, individual chatting within a meeting, 1-1 Meeting platform. Which can help you do everything online and provide a whiteboard for discussion and notes.  

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