Why you should use videos in teaching in an online classroom

play videos in online classroom

What started as perhaps a supplement to mainstream schooling/education, or a way for teachers to take a day off of teaching (Students, today we are going to watch a movie! Yayy!), has now taken shape into a full-fledged revolutionary take at learning. Pause, play or rewind; learning is so much more fun with videos!

Rewinding back to the fond memories of watching movies in the classroom, the fact, that videos are indeed an effective, more interactive medium of imparting or initiating learning, is only refurbished. There is no better way to flip classroom than with videos. Make your own or use the ones offered by others, videos are integral to learning and teaching.

Watch this TED video, where Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy, talks about reinventing education with videos.

Pep up your online English classes with a video on Jane Austen’s novel adapted movie, or introduce your Physics class to the mysteries of the universe with a Stephen hawking’s talk, or even use Khan Academy’s many resources; we understand just how important it is now than ever to innovate the virtual learning space with such brilliant ideas and pedagogies. Hence, the WizIQ Media Player.

WizIQ’s in-built Media Player lets teachers:

  • Paste YouTube links to access online videos instantly

It’s as easy as ABC. Remember you can only use YouTube links in the media player. However, there is no dearth of possibilities should you choose to make your own videos, and upload them to the WizIQ Content Library instead.

Here’s how to play videos in your WizIQ Virtual Classroom using the Media Player:

Online teaching has never been easier or more interesting, and WizIQ makes sure you get the best of both. So, why wait when you can take a demo!

Take a demo today

For more information on playing videos in the media player, please feel free to contact our support team at support@wiziq.com or visit www.help.wiziq.com. We will be more than happy to assist.

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