Virtual Meetings Vs Video Conferencing Tools

Virtual Meetings V/s Video Conferencing Tool

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If there’s one thing that organisers of events and meetings are aware of, connecting people through interaction in person is a powerful process. However, due to myriad factors, it’s never simple or practical to connect people within the same space. This is why video conferencing and virtual meetings have been gaining popularity recently, and with good reason.

In spite of these advantages, however, there are lots of planners who aren’t aware of hosting events on the internet or adding virtual components to their events in person.

So, What Are Virtual Meetings?

Virtual meetings let users get together in a computer-simulated environment in which they can view each other and interact digitally through resources. Virtual meetings are a place where multiple participants can be present at the same time as they make individual choices and exchange experiences with groups.

What Is a Video Conference?

A video conference can be described as an online seminar. The format has been in use for over 20 years and that’s why it’s so popular. It’s an excellent method of sharing information with outside audiences. Because video conferencing is tailored to a different set of audience than traditional meetings webinar platforms provide more capacity to track attendees.

Which Is The Most Effective Meeting Platform?

With the number of remote workers, meetings today are likely to be hosted via platforms like WizIQ. This platform is perfect for hosting interactive sessions that allow the participation of the audience. This platform is usually used across the company and overseen through the department of IT.

Benefits Of WizIQ Virtual Meetings And Video Conferencing Tool

The reality is that there are numerous benefits to hosting a virtual conference that might not be known to the field. Here are five benefits of hosting video and virtual conferences:

Expand Your Audience And Increase Accessibility

Virtual meetings can be a good choice for business planners that deal with the budget. In fact, virtual events are around 75% more economical than direct experience, because planners usually save money on places, accommodation, and more.

Event Flexibility

Have you thought about the flexibility of making your celebration not tied to a specific physical location? Imagine if you had the chance to have a fully-branded multi-purpose event space that could be accessed 24/7 and at any time from anywhere in the world? Through WizIQ virtual meeting platform, this is now the case.

Capture High-Quality Data

Monitoring and collecting feedback and engagement is essential for all kinds of events. This is why virtual events are advantageous because all participants have to do is utilise your online platform and all its tools for engagement to take part; and it’s completely in real-time for all attendees.

Automation Features

Automation is an essential feature for event planners in 2020. Why? Automation assists in making planning meetings and events simpler, and also aids planners in saving time and cash! Therefore, think of ways to be innovative. Get in the mindset of your potential and remember the suggestions above when you are planning your next meeting.


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