Welcome to the iTDi Summer School MOOC in WizIQ

Inside WizIQ MOOC

English teachers worldwide: Come on inside.

It’s time to fly high with iTDi!

Welcome to the Summer School MOOC in WizIQ. 30 Days! 35 Sessions! 38 Presenters!

It’s free to enroll in The iTDi Summer School MOOC. All sessions are free, too! We’ve got 30 days of great presentations from over 30 fabulous iTDi presenters. You also have the chance to earn free iTDi endorsed Certificates issued by WizIQ as well as Professional Development Credit Hours certified by iTDi. Live sessions start on Sunday July 20th and run daily through August 17th. Join us now: http://bit.ly/iTDiSummerSchoolMOOC

What’s brewing in Week One? Check out this rap by Fluency MC and watch the recording of the Opening Ceremony from July 20th to watch him perform it live!

English teachers worldwide: Come on inside.

It’s time to fly high with iTDi!

Summer school’s in session. Grab your seat.

We’ve got outstanding presenters for our first week.

Vicky Loras is starting us off.

With the Human Touch we can accomplish so much.

We’re Teaching through art with Chrysa Papalazarou.

Engaging and motivating: that’s what we’re here to do.

Reach when you teach; do you know what I mean?

Like how Roseli Serra is connecting with teens.

Building up vocab can be fresh (fresher, freshest)

with Fluency MC injecting fun into your lessons.

Alexandra Chistyakova: teaching grammar through

storytelling is what she’ll show you.

To learn to set goals to help us pull through

Theodora Papapanagiotou is who we’ll go to.

Ana Maria Menezes and Jennifer Verschoor

show us students as pen pals connecting round the world.

Learning through stories our students can grow rich

Feel the impact of storytelling with Debbie Tebovich.

Lesson planning a chore? Perhaps a bore?

Let’s rethink lesson prep with Matthew Noble.

English teachers: we’re going global!

Developing our networks, open and mobile.

Summer school’s in session. Grab your seat.

This CPD retreat, it can’t be beat.

English teachers worldwide: come on inside.

It’s time to fly high with iTDi!


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