Recurring meeting with WizIQ Meet

What is a Recurring Meeting?

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Recurring meetings are pre-scheduled meetings that are automatically scheduled to repeat based on values set by the organizer. Recurring team meetings have revolutionized the way we communicate, collaborate, and work together remotely. Weekly team meetings, daily standing meetings, quarterly review meetings, monthly check-in meetings, and one-on-ones you can set up any such meeting using recurring meeting options. Setting up a recurring meeting will help you create multiple meeting occurrences at once, repeating on the schedule you need.

WizIQ Meet enables you to schedule meetings with multiple occurrences so that each occurrence uses the same settings. You can schedule these meetings for daily, weekly, and monthly. 

How to Schedule a Recurring Meeting with WizIQ Meet?

  1. Log in to your WizIQ Meet account

2. Go to “Schedule Meeting” & choose Meeting Type as “Recurring”

What is recurring meeting

3. After choosing Recurring user will see options for frequency & occurrence of meeting.

Recurring meeting with WizIQ Meet

4. Choose the desired options and “Schedule Meeting”. You are ready to connect with the attendees now. Just share the link.

How to schedule recurring meeting for corporates meeting


Benefits of Scheduling recurring meetings

Schedule your regular meeting just once and make it recur daily, weekly, or monthly as you need. Specify the number of times you want the meeting to repeat or enter an end date on which you want the recurring schedule to end.

  1. It will be created only once
  2. It will be repeated on specific days
  3. Get meeting reminders

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