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Virtual Classroom & Its Advantages


Virtual classroom training is the most trending education method in the 21st century. In this global world, virtual classrooms give us the freedom to choose and adapt our learning styles to fit our needs and lifestyle. Online Virtual Classrooms allow us to have live interactions between the instructor/educator and the learners/students, as they are participating in online learning activities. An ideal Virtual Classroom allows the teacher to teach more efficiently and help learners and students to grasp the knowledge sitting at their home. If you are still not convinced about the Online Virtual Classroom, read more about “What is Virtual Classroom and Its Advantages” below.


What is an Online Virtual Classroom?

Virtual classrooms are the type of learning environment in which students engage with the education material or after-school exercises on the web, which can be live or recorded. It is a place of education where teachers are the facilitators and students actively engage and connect virtually to learn. Virtual classrooms are a shared online space where the learners and the educator work together simultaneously via videoconferencing, chats, webinars, etc. In a virtual classroom, the educator controls the learning interaction and utilizes the features of Virtual Classroom like a mic and Video controls, Session Recording, use of the whiteboard, and many other interesting features of a Virtual Classroom. Unlike the Physical book, the world has moved to ebooks, so the educator can share the screen and go through the entire syllabus through ebooks. The virtual classroom activities provide more abundance of opportunities as compared to traditional classroom learning activities.


The virtual classroom is the core of online degree programs, after-school exercises, especially during COVID times. It is convenient and safe, and anybody can join from any place in the world giving the students a worldwide learning experience. Learning through a virtual classroom offers numerous advantages which conventional classrooms don’t give. Let’s go through the benefits of Virtual Classroom : 


Advantages of Online Virtual Classroom:


Highly Focussed:

In traditional classrooms, there were distractions in the classroom itself and the students were not able to focus on the studies. Whereas in Virtual Classroom the entire control from the mic, camera, chatbox, and screen sharing options is handled by the teacher. The educator has the control to kick off any student if there is any sort of indiscipline from any student. Such features of Virtual Classroom not only help students to focus on studies but also enable them to manage the entire virtual classroom more efficiently.



Unlike old conventional classrooms, where books used to play an important role, In Virtual Classrooms, teachers can use ebooks or pdf, whiteboard, ppt presentation, youtube video, and many other file formats to help students understand the concepts. The use of such trending platforms as youtube videos, ebooks, and presentations will make the education more interesting to students and can provide a better understanding to them.


Comfort and Flexibility

Students can learn from anywhere at any time at their own pace with the help of recorded sessions. Many Universities use the recorded sessions along with live sessions to educate their students. The Teachers on the other hand have the flexibility to teach using a whiteboard, youtube video, or various file formats like ppt or pdf. Due to Covid19 Pandemic, various countries, universities, and a majority of the education sector are tackling the problems in the process of teaching, taking tests, and conducting examinations. As we know that safety and comfort is now the top priority for everyone, Virtual Classrooms are the only solution and this new way of learning has now been adopted by various top Universities, Colleges, and schools.


Improved Technical Skills:

Learning online in a virtual classroom helps kids to pick up many new tech skills and become more proficient with keyboard use and other applications. Having the technical knowledge of how to collaborate and learn remotely will help children in their future careers and life.



Virtual classrooms are affordable as compared to traditional classes, it saves both time and money. You can get all study materials online, need not pay any costs for hardcopies of textbooks. And also you need not pay any travel and accommodation costs to attend a certain virtual class.


More Practical:

Virtual Classrooms give the features like a poll or multiple-choice questions. Therefore at the end of the session, teachers can create some poll questions and Multiple Choice Questions for the students, which will give the teacher feedback from all the students. This same practice can be a task for the teacher when it comes to a traditional classroom.



Virtual classroom training is one of the best ways that will help educators and learners to make the learning process easy. It offers flexibility, Comfort, High Focus, Creativity, cost efficiency, and a more practical environment that is needed in this pandemic time. So, every University, Academy, and School should have access to Virtual Classroom to manage the entire education structure more efficiently.

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