Launch a virtual meeting

What is Virtual Meeting and how to schedule it Quickly with WizIQ Meet?

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What is Virtual Meeting?

A virtual meeting is a type of collaboration & connection technique where people from anywhere in the world can share their thoughts using audio, video conferencing, screen sharing, content sharing, etc.

How to schedule it Quickly with WizIQ Meet?

WizIQ Meet enables users to schedule a virtual meeting quickly.

  1. Log In to your WizIQ Meet account

Login to WizIQ Meet

2. After login simply click on the “Quick Meeting” option

Quick Virtual Meeting with WizIQ meet

3. With one click you are ready for your meeting. Share the details with attendees and Launch meeting.

Launch a virtual meeting


Best practices to conduct a virtual meeting
  • Have a stable internet connection
  • Use an external headset
  • Use a mobile, laptop, or PC with a browser
  • Enable browser access to microphone and camera
  • Keep all participants muted when you start to cancel noise and maintain decorum while starting the meeting

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