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What’s New at WizIQ? Better Screen Sharing, Greater Control to the Teachers

Product Spotlight

With continuous upgrades and improvements, we are bent upon perfecting the WizIQ Virtual Classroom experience for you. This time with better screen sharing and greater control to the teachers, in the Virtual Classroom.

Share your Screen Better, and More…

2 out of 3 teachers use the screen sharing tool in the WizIQ Virtual Classroom, for real time collaboration with attendees. With this simple, yet amazing feature, teachers can guide students (say for using a particular software), share presentations (maybe you don’t feel like uploading it to the content library), work on projects together (writing reports on a system and taking real time inputs from the audience); there are a lot of incredible things that can be done with screen sharing.

The WizIQ Virtual Classroom allows teachers to share their screens in real time, while delivering a live online class. And now we have upped the interface so that navigating in and out of Virtual Classroom is easier and quicker.
Let’s assume you and your online students are working on an important document together. But you need the opinions of your audience on that word file. (Quick Fact: This activity will not only build collaboration but also encourage your students to speak out.)
All you have to do then is to start the screen sharing feature in your WizIQ Virtual Classroom. As soon as you are inside the Virtual Classroom, ( and are done talking a little, for context-setting) jump straight to ‘sharing your screen’. Here’s how:
You will see this tab appear on your screen at all times, for as long as you are sharing screen (outside the Virtual Classroom).
Screen Sharing

[This is my desktop by the way. But ignore it. Look at the awesome tab for screen sharing.]

Best Practice: Make sure you already have the document open before you start sharing your screen.

Suppose you already started sharing your screen and realise that it is going to take you a while to locate that file on your desktop; you can stop the screen sharing, in which case you will be directed back to the Virtual Classroom.
This is one big advantage of this new improvement. No more stalling and making your audience wait, while they awkwardly look at you browsing through your desktop and personal folders & files.
Another upside:
Say you are collaborating over Chat for those important inputs, for completing the writing project. Now you needn’t go back to the Virtual Classroom every time you want to check what an attendee suggested. The Chat is right there on the tab. You even get prompts when there are unread chat messages. (How cool!)
But wait…there’s more:

  • You can stop sharing your screen anytime.

  • You can also check your connectivity and bandwidth from the tab.

This improvement not only gives you more flexibility with the screen sharing feature but also lets you control it, according to your requirements.
Screen sharing comes in handy when delivering webinars or online conferences, involving large audiences. And speaking of large audiences…the next improvement section deals with the issues when faced with a sea of attendees.

Having Trouble with an Attendee?

Just like in a traditional classroom, attendees are a mixed group of individuals. They range from serious students to I-don’t-know-why-I-am-here ones to those who are just-here-for-fun.

This fact is accentuated when there are webinars or conferences involved. Everyone has a link to the class, and as a consequence, there are various scenarios wherein a teacher might feel the need to remove an attendee from the online session. The good news is that it is now possible. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Click on the attendee icon from the attendee list. You will see that an  information window opens.

2. Now click on ‘Remove from class’.
remove_from_class_2 (1)

What happens when you remove an attendee from the class?

The attendee will be informed that he/she has been removed from the class.
What’s more? That attendee’s chat history will also be wiped away.The attendee, then, will not be able to attend that same class again.
The ‘remove from class’ feature is extremely helpful during webinars or important conferences, wherein the attendees are large in number and there is a higher possibility of a rogue attendee entering the Virtual Classroom.

While you concentrate on the task at hand (webinar/conference/live class), this provision makes sure the decorum of the class is maintained throughout the session.

Write to us at and let us know what do you think about these improvements. Were they helpful? What more would you like to see in your WizIQ Virtual Classroom.
The future of online education is here. Come realise it with WizIQ!


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