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Which Online Platform Is Best For Meeting And Video Conferencing

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WizIQ Meet provides a safe online meeting platform and webinar service that assists people in finding ways to collaborate in new ways and work remotely efficiently. Improve your collaboration via remote employees today with our safe web-based meeting application.

With today’s collaborative workplace tools productivity has not been tied to a desk. Offices can be wherever you’ve got the Internet connection, meetings can be conducted at the convenience at home, and projects accomplished on a single group-wide, real-time collaboration software suite.

These tools allow colleagues to become more open, more efficient and cooperative than ever before. What appears to be an easy set of hardware and software is an ever-growing web of technology products that collaborate in a variety of different forms, each with its own distinct platform, capabilities, and benefits.

Connect With Your Team

Collaboration isn’t possible if people aren’t communicating. Between instant messaging and video conference tools (the most effective alternative to face-to-face meetings) There are numerous options for collaboration tools for teams:

  1.     Built-In Collaboration Tools 

Participants can use their screens to share and note notes for more interactive meetings. A majority of users don’t have this feature. The software lets two or more people talk to each other in real-time through cloud-based or internet-based platforms.

  1. Online Whiteboard

A highly interactive and feature-rich digital whiteboard that can be used for online meetings. A lot of Meeting Competitors do not offer these features. The software converts the staples for the walls of the meeting rooms from the real into the virtual. It’s the perfect software for distant teams in the conferencing video.

  1. Enhanced Function Of The Breakout Room

A more user-friendly, simple-to utilize feature that is user-friendly and easy to use. This makes a unified communication system an experience that is easier and clearer, and possibly more productive.

  1. HD Video And Audio Sharing

The option to select meetings audio or video quality based on your bandwidth. The list of companies that use software is extensive and varied, yet typically categorized by their primary function.

  1. Security And Encryption

WizIQ Meet adheres to all security regulations and offers complete encryption. This collaboration feature makes real-time and asynchronous troubleshooting more efficient.

  1. Scalable

Scalability during meetings means supporting more people who can communicate simultaneously. Our meeting solution is flexible and our customers can pick the option that best suits their requirements. 

  1. Multilingual Support

More than 60 languages are supported. All your employees require is an Internet connection and have access to the part of video conferencing needed to finish their job.


It’s no secret that organizations today have to control their technology prior to technology governing them, which can cause more problems than the initial task they were designed to address.

WizIQ Meet will assist you in managing the constantly changing, exponentially speedy world of today and tomorrow. We provide unified communications and managed services to any business that recognizes there’s a better approach to learn more and the best way to do it.

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