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White Labeled Video Conferencing Solution

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In the present time of business, Video Conferencing is a to-do thing for all the platforms for online workers, and as we are in the scenario of social distancing and collaborating.  Video conferencing has been around for a long time, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the usage of video conferencing applications. 

Business organizations are trying to increase the use of video conferencing and are able to resell the tools. If at this time Businesses add the conferencing service line to their business it will be an additional source of income for the business and many areas have changed after the lockdown. Video Conferencing reselling is worthwhile, this service has two key offerings:- White Label and Standard. 

White labeled Conferencing solution

In today’s time, we are always in a way to impress our clients. An example of this is:- A normal video conference meeting which is labeled as WizIQ Meet, or a “white label” solution that will have your business colors, logo, and your branding. There will be a big difference for the client between a standard video conference and a white-label service. 

Benefits of White Labeling

  1. Extending item Offerings: By providing clients with a more extensive variety of items and services, your business can make an upper hand in the business.
  2. Scaling a business: White Labeling makes it simpler for organizations to scale without getting found out in item improvement and assembling planned operations. This enables entrepreneurs and chiefs to focus on what they specialize in, assisting organizations with developing more. 
  3. Decreasing unit costs: While purchasing white-Label items in mass, organizations can arrange a lower cost for every unit. The organization can then pass the investment funds onto clients, giving the end purchaser a rebate contrasted with the name-brand items.
  4. Keeping up with quality guidelines: Frequently, white-Labeled items come from similar makers as name brands, and that implies the white-labeled items are similarly comparable to the perceived brands. Clients can’t differentiate.Benefits of Whitelabeling

The goal of the WizIQ Meet white-label video conferencing Solution is to give our clients the opportunity for hosting the meetings under their name. It’s a very flexible service, cost-effective, valuable, and reliable.

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