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Why The Future Of Events Is Hybrid?

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The outbreak of pandemic has been a revealing experience for those who plan and participate in events. But after more than a year of online conferences, exhibitions and gatherings, and other activities most of us are missing the excitement and social interaction that comes from in-person events.

We’ve also realized that while virtual events cannot ever replace the real thing, however, they can be very efficient. The trick to making hybrid events profitable and attractive elements of your marketing strategy, in the long run, is to make them enjoyable for the attendees.

Viewers are passive viewers who are feeling excluded from the experience. In the same way, people who attend in person can’t communicate with online attendees. How do you design an event that is successful and that will engage everyone involved?

Here are three tips for maintaining communication, collaboration, and engagement going between attendees of hybrid events:

  1. It Is Important To Plan Your Time.

Every event organizer should consider this: What do I want the attendees’ experience in the event to look like? Then, they must think of someone who attends the same event directly rather than online. What’s the experience for each one of these attendees?

Understanding where the experience is different from the planned experiences is the very first stage towards designing an event that is successful as a hybrid. The third step is closing the gap between physical and online events.

  1. Excellent Content.

Your attendees who are attending your events online may pay less but they’ll still want to feel confident that they’re receiving value for their money. The ability to provide access to a couple of videos or downloading materials isn’t enough.

In reality, any amount of content that can be consumed is enough since there must be an element that is interactive that makes the online guests feel like they’re actively participating in the event.

Polls and quizzes are two ways to involve people however; they’re not the absolute minimum. Take it a step further by making breakout sessions for participants who are online and in person.

  1. Active Engagement.

Hybrid events can be an enjoyable experience for everyone and require some additional accommodation for virtual participants. In order for them to feel engaged (rather than being in the background) it is crucial to integrate these virtual participants into the physical space of the event. Q&A sessions are a great illustration.

Instead of reading a question out loud in a chat box, place their face on the screen to speak to the person directly, connecting their name, face, and voice to their thoughts. It is important to ensure that this opportunity applies to attendees who are not physically present.


If you are considering events as part of your marketing plan, hybrid events are the best method to effectively reach out to people. The perfect combination of planning, technology, and communication makes these events better than any previously held. For the simple reason that more people are able to get involved, they’re the main target for event organisers and guests alike.

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