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If the early teachers were to travel back in time and take a look at the way we do education today, they might as well have heart attacks and die again (if that is even possible). I doubt if they would ever have thought that an assembly of metal, fibre and wires could hold enough potential to educate a whole generation in more ways than necessary.

For instance, the convenience and effectiveness driven generation of edupreneurs now consider an LMS absolutely mandatory for learning. An LMS or a Learning Management System is a whole new, tech-savvy take on classroom teaching, corporate training, higher education, you name it. It brings together instructors and learners on a single platform, regardless of their locations. It can store data in terms of assignments, tests, reading material, instructional videos, scores, assessments, performance reports, et al.

If the LMS is cloud based, accessibility no longer remains a problem. Not only does the LMS make life easier for instructors/companies, it makes education available to anyone and everyone. In an age where fingertips are synonymous with ‘getting all the work done’, why shouldn’t education have its fair share of a tech makeover!?

So lets go beyond the obvious and delve deeper into why use an LMS and the benefits of doing the same:

Hello, new gen learners!

For the ever ‘on-the-go learners’, an LMS presents a whole new world of learning opportunities. It is not only available on computer systems, but are also compatible with mobile devices like iPad and tablets.

Why should learning stop when you don’t!

As easy as ABC…

Save that money you were planning on giving to that backend developer for your LMS. A cloud based LMS doesn’t need any downloads or installations. It is easy to use and gets you started in no time. In addition to being super simple, cloud LMS is comprehensive, i.e., it requires no external, cumbersome plugin installations. It’s a complete package!

Pocket Friendly Solutions

All good things in life come for a price. But thank god for some cloud based LMS which are absolutely affordable and economical, thus catering to the needs of every kind of organisation. So you needn’t think twice before you take that imperative leap into online instruction/training for your organization!

Learning Goes Social

As the name suggests, an LMS is where learning happens. But it doesn’t just stop there. Welcome to the next level of learning – Social Learning! Taking education to the learners is critical to online teaching. Cloud based LMS connects seamlessly with all the major social media accounts, which makes learning fun and social!

A New and Powerful LMS

You have known WizIQ for it’s virtual classroom, enabling thousands of teachers all around the world to provide instructor-led live online learning to 3.5 million people. The new and powerful WizIQ LMS packs all the wow of a cloud based LMS and the interactivity of a virtual classroom, to give the online instructors the best of online teaching. Not to mention the additional, paramount features like creating multiple teacher accounts, easy course management, availability of a course marketplace, seamless video streaming and document sharing, and so much more. Oh and did I mention 24×7 support to the teachers?

Stay tuned for more updates on the new and powerful WizIQ Learning Management System. In the mean time, check out what is WizIQ all about.

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