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WizIQ vs BigBlueButton: Make Your Choice

Using WizIQ Virtual Classroom

When we talk about learning management software, we talk not only about transcending physical arena of teaching, but also about an online platform that offers flexibility while learning. It is expected that online teaching tools provide a bigger ‘room’ for discussion and engagement with learning resources while engaging learners and instructors in group chats, virtual face-to-face interaction, all while being connected to the web.

WizIQ is a SaaS LMS plus WebRTC virtual classroom platform which has been instrumental in supporting online educational goals of 4.5 million learners in the world. It offers integrated features including virtual classrooms, course management, content authoring, video streaming, tests and assessments, insights and analytics and mobile learning.

BigBlueButton, (BBB) on the other hand, is an open source web conferencing system that enables tutors/ teachers to deliver high-quality online distance education to its end users, i.e., students. Since the end users for WizIQ and BigBlueButton are the same, here is a short comparison of WizIQ and BigBlueButton and why WizIQ is better than BigBlueButton.

Virtual Classroom Comparison

WizIQ: Provides a real-time face-to-face learning experience in its webRTC virtual classroom. The primary tool of the classroom- the whiteboard remains interactive with a full-screen board with features such as two way permissions for annotation, illustration, and chat.

  • The learner can privately chat with the teacher and can also chat with the entire class in a public forum.
  • The Live class can be recorded and be shared with the students at a later date.
  • All types of files can be uploaded to the cloud-based content library on the WizIQ platform and shared during the live class. With features like live polling, integrated library, and collaborative code editor, WizIQ provides a better virtual learning environment than BigBlueButton.
  • Screen sharing happens within the live class with no need to download any other protocol files.

BBB: Has various detailing that makes working with BBB interface complicated.

  • Video recording and sharing functionality are slow and time taken to share video is not specified. For WizIQ, the class recording is available to share in 24 hours.
  • To share the screen, BBB users will need to download a Java Network Launch Protocol File which will help the instructor to share the screen.
  • Making customized changes is comparatively easier in BBB because it is open source. However knowledge of coding is a must.

Tests and Assessments

WizIQ gives much flexibility to its users to

  • Create, design and publishes online tests that are easy to use and customizable.
  • WizIQ also enables embedding multimedia content using its rich text editor.
  • For test creation, WizIQ enables its users to create nine types of tests and assessments. Instructors can make the test comprehensive by setting time limits, negative marking, weighted marking, among many others.
  • The analysis and evaluation of WizIQ tests are made easy with comprehensive scorecards, detailed insights, and test reports.

Whereas in BBB, such an elaborative means of assessment is missing.

eLearning Analytics

With its e-learning analytics, WizIQ offers

  • Innovative reports and analytics which provides its users, an in-depth view of the course performance.
  • It enables its users to measure the results of eLearning and helps in gauging the progress of the learners and enables the teachers to reexamine the weakness in their course.

On the other hand BBB

  • Does not provide attendance reports or an option to download in a CSV format.
  • Does not provide an opportunity for its users to improve their course content as it lacks the fuctionality to share feedback forms or tests over the platform.

Online Course Creation

WizIQ provides a comprehensive online course creation software that supports all content formats by default, thereby simplifying the entire process of creating a course. WizIQ can support any form be it HTML, PPT, any audio as well as video formats.

Being an open source project, BBB permits its users to share online course content with the students and enables them to engage in web conferencing

  • These online courses cannot be made within the BBB ecosystem. It is required to be created separately and uploaded to the platform to share over BBB’s web conferencing.

Since WizIQ supports different formats and simplifies the process of course creation through the online course builder without having to leave the platform, unlike BigBlueButton.

Mobile Learning

WizIQ supports mobile learning and provides a platform/ app to pursue studies on-the-go. WizIQ comes with native mobile applications for Android, and iOS. This provides a flexible learning experience with ease of use of the platform.

BBB does not have its mobile application, however, can assimilate mobile learning integrations. Since BBB is a Flash-based platform and now, many mobiles have let go of flash capabilities, smooth function of the mobile learning integrations may be a question mark.

LMS e-commerce

WizIQ also provides an integrated e-commerce platform which enables

  • the users to create paid online courses and sell it to different learners or trainees. WizIQ offers instant payment facilities through Stripe.
  • Users can sell their courses to learners without paying commission on the payments made by their customers
  • The payment interface is user-friendly, and transactions are very secure

BigBlueButtondoes not have a built-in eCommerce.

Branding / Whitelabeling

Whitelabeling or branding of the WizIQ is easy, as the platform has an intuitive and navigable screen space which helps to upload a logo, favicon image, color combinations, which can be applied to the online academy. Also, the mobile application can be customized for a seamless branding. No knowledge of coding is required for these changes to the platform.

Whereas in BigBlueButton customization is dependent on much coding and none applicable in the mobile learning integrations- hence the customization is not seamless. Also, complete masking of the URL is not possible with BBB, but can be done with WizIQ.

wiziq vs bigbluebutton infographic

WizIQ has been consistently improving its software and has been ranked in 2017 as among the top 6 LMS’s according to GetApp ratings. WizIQ has won the Brandon Hall Excellence Award in 2 categories in 2017: Silver for ‘Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology’ and Bronze for ‘Best Advance in Technology for Virtual-Classroom or Conferencing Technology.’ Brandon Hall has honored WizIQ with excellence awards in related categories for three years in succession. When it comes to its virtual classrooms, e-learning analytics, mobile apps, tests and assessments, WizIQ outperforms BigBlueButton and emerges as a strong LMS software with WebRTC virtual classroom.


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