WizIQ announces Virtual Classroom App for iPad

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We’re happy to announce the launch of the WizIQ Virtual Classroom App for iPad. The application is specially designed for students, giving them anytime, anywhere access to the WizIQ Virtual Classroom.

Upcoming and Live Classes
Upcoming and Live Classes

A simple user interface lets students focus on learning – not the technical wizardry and novelty of a shiny new tablet. This is an important new instructional tool for many of the 2 million students and nearly 175,000 teachers and trainers, and teaching organizations currently registered on WizIQ.

The WizIQ Virtual Classroom app offers all of the key features that users enjoy from their desktop web browsers without concern for Flash support on the iPad and all in the palms of their hands.

With this app, students can:

  • Attend online classes from virtually anywhere.
  • Connect to class video and audio.
  • View presentations, reports, documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and multimedia files – whatever the instructor shares on-screen.
  • See the whiteboard with all of its drawing tools  and write on it when the instructor hands over whiteboard controls. Add a stylus to the mix and see what a shared interactive whiteboard can really do!
  • Chat publicly via text with all participants.
  • Raise their hands in class for questions or comments.
  • Give instant feedback through polls as shared by the teacher.

This development effort came to fruition at the 2011 EDUCAUSE Conference last November when we announced private beta for select WizIQ members. At the same time, WizIQ CEO, Harman Singh, and Chris Dawson, WizIQ Platform Evangelist, demonstrated a working version of the app.

This release is part of a broader strategy to rev up the educational experience for students with electronic assessment tools, real-time collaboration, and 24/7 access to resources. We’ve started with the synchronous classes; eventually teachers will be able to plug in all the use cases important for education. Students will have access to their courseware, content library, assignments, tests, etc.

The app is free for WizIQ users, enabling access to online classes from the most popular tablet in the world. We are also developing an Android app and will announce a beta program on that platform soon.

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