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Education, as we have known it, is undergoing a dramatic transformation – from content creation to delivery to its eventual consumption. The instructors are no longer ‘sages on the stage’. They have a new role to play – ‘guides by the side’.

And the internet technology is accelerating this change. It is breaking down the centuries-old system, breaking it down to make space for convenient skill-based, just-in-time learning – that knows no boundaries – of time, location and availability.

But the question is – how to leverage internet to all its potential for online teaching? The best and fastest way is to learn from the experiences of other educators – who are experts in online teaching, who know how to work their way through the internet.

CO16: Educators to Educators: Ideas Exchange to Thrive in a 24/7 Connected World

WizIQ CO16 – Connecting Online 2016 is a global conference of educators where experts in various fields of online education share their experiences and best practices to teach online. It is an annual Massive Open Online Conference held in the first quarter of the year on WizIQ elearning platform.

The event is marked by the presence of expert online educators discussing:

  • The latest trends in elearning
  • How to leverage internet to make instruction more effective
  • How to turn online teaching into a world-class business
  • How to use technology – internet and social to promote online courses and workshop and expand audience base
  • How to develop internet research skills of learners
  • The strategies to strike a balance between students with different learning styles

The Connecting Online Conference is in its 7th year and has been the highlight of educators from around the world. It’s a platform for educators, by the educators and to the educators. The conference focuses on how educators can utilize emerging technologies to deliver more effective learning.

CO16:  Conceptualized by Educators for Educators

Conceptualized and curated by Dr. Nellie Deutsh, an education technology leader and Rob Howard – a teacher, tutor, trainer and material designer for English as a foreign language, CO16 will significantly focus on exploiting the internet in its full scope, depth and impact for creating more inclusive yet flexible, global yet personalized learning experiences. The aim is share the best practices and strategies with educators to empower them, so that they can foster innovation and collaboration in their online sessions.

 CO16: Who Should Attend?

Anyone who’s passionate about teaching and wants to turn passion into a thriving teaching business should attend CO16 Conference. It’s a truly not-to-be-missed event for:

  • Future educators
  • Leaders in schools, colleges and universities
  • eLearning practitioners
  • Professionals in corporate learning and development

CO16: Global Coalition of Educators – Get More

Networking Opportunities: The Connecting Online initiative networks educators worldwide through professional learning conferences. Over the last six years, thousands of educators have participated in these conferences, sharing first-hand, unheard experiences of teaching online. CO16 is an opportunity to connect and collaborate with other educators.

Measurable Impact of 24/7 Connectedness: The experts in online teaching communicate the measurable impact of internet and 24/7 connectedness on education. They give you practical tips to leverage internet that can actually be used to enhance instruction effectiveness, foster innovation in online sessions, expand learner base and grow your online teaching business.

CO16: Connecting Online 2016 Schedule

Starts on: Friday, February 5, 2016 at 9 AM EST

Ends on: Monday, February 7, 2016 at 6 PM EST

Each day is divided into two sessions – pre and post lunch, each session covering 4 topics. Each session will be of 50-60 minutes. Here’s the detailed schedule:


Time: ESTDay 1 – Fri, Feb 5Day 2 – Sat, Feb 6Day 3 – Sun, Feb 7
8 AM A Tour of PoodLL – by Justin Hunt 
9 AMCopyrighting Cyberspace: Teaching Old Dogs New Clicks – by Robert Diotalevi Introduction to thewandering.net- Learning Based on Location platform – by Talila YehielLearning2gether with EVO Minecraft MOOC in session for 2016 – by Vance Stevens
10 AMIt’s not just a game! Play-based Approaches to Teaching English through Action Songs – by Charles Goodger How to Make a Living Teaching – by Jaime MillerHow to Be a Successful Online Student – by Rosmery Ribera
11 AMFlipped Learning through Mobile Devices – by Dr. Revathi Viswanathan Transition from passive learning to active Training English Skills – by Arkady ZilbermanDigital Skilling the learners for 21st Century: An update from India – by Ramesh Sharma
12 PMYou and your Professional Network – by Dr Ebba Ossiannilsson Mastering Masterminds – by Jennifer EnglandThe Business of Business English – by Chris Rush
2 PMEFLtalks Selfies: The Flipped Camera -by Rob Howard How to Build Desire for Your Lessons and Courses – by Jack AskewWe’re on the air! – by Theodora Papapanagiotou
3 PMCreating Measurable Learning Objectives and Aligning Them with Course Activities – by Rachel A. Sale, PhD How collaborative is too collaborative? – by Karin Heuert GalvãoTechno – CLIL – by Letizia Cinganotto & Daniela Cuccurullo
4 PMLearning to Research, Researching to Learn – by Janet Salmons, PhD Teaching English Presentation Skills for the 21st Century…using TED talks – by Judy WongOutside in: Bringing real life into the classroom – by Stephen Greene
5 PMTwitter and student engagement: What is the value added? – by Dawn Alderson How the Internet radically transformed my way of teaching – by Susan BrodarUsing Amazon Echo for your Online Teaching Needs – by Brian C. Steinberg

So, if you were waiting for expert tips, best practices to leverage internet to build a teaching business and networking opportunities with expert educators worldwide, the time is now.



1. Certificate of Participation: You’ll be awarded a certificate of participation on attending at least 10 webinars and filling in a feedback form.

2. One Year Premium Membership: WizIQ is giving away 3 premium memberships each day of the conference for a year. This would be decided through raffle using Random Picker.




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