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The founder and CEO of WizIQ, Harman Singh, is on a tour to the United States of America. The purpose of the visit is to personally meet and interact with the educators (that’s you!) who have been a part of the WizIQ family.

WizIQ is for the educators and of the educators. So you know WizIQ the best! There are new people joining in everyday and it is very important that we reach out to take your feedback, suggestions and ideas for further development of WizIQ and world online education at large.

WizIQ’s vision to democratize education is possible only with the help of educators from all around the world. Therefore this tour is going to have a positive impact on the future.

WizIQ is also planning to open an operational office in the states. Harman will visit New York (till June 20), San Francisco (June 21 – June 27), Portland (July 3 – July 8), Palo Alto area and Chicago (July 16-18), to look out for potential office space and hiring. This will give us an opportunity to stay in constant touch with the WizIQ community in the States.

Educators who are in these areas on the above mentioned dates can send an email to richa@wiziq.com to schedule a meeting. It is your chance to make a difference!


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