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WizIQ Feature Highlights of 2014: Weaving Success Stories

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Keeping aligned with the rapid global rise in the domain of eLearning, we are glad to take you through WizIQ’s new accomplishments of 2014 along with the launch of an array of new eLearning features for its users. Let’s take a quick glance at WizIQ’s feature highlights of 2014.

Introduction of course assignment

2014 began on a good note: we focused more deeply on the specific teaching requirements of educators, and introduced the Course Assignment feature. With the introduction of this feature, teachers could create online course assignments in order to evaluate learners’ understanding of a subject or course in a comprehensive manner. With this, learner engagement got just better and improved.

To know more now about the Course Assignment feature.

Improved WizIQ Desktop App

WizIQ Desktop App got updated ensuring its users a better Virtual Classroom experience. The key highlights of the improved Desktop App were as follows:

  • Automatic browser invocation: The Desktop App is launched automatically whenever an online class is launched from the eLearning platform.
  • More language options: The updated Desktop App is now equipped with multiple language options for online learning. It enables users to teach and learn online classes and courses in as many as 20 different languages. So the more, the better!
  • Safer virtual classrooms: With the additional layer of SSL security in Virtual Classroom, WizIQ enabled a safer online teaching environment for educators. It enables users to access a secure online classroom along with secure content sharing.

Explore the improved mobile learning app.

Class recordings in video (mp4) format

WizIQ introduced mp4 (video) format of class recordings, enabling users to easily access and share class recordings in mp4 format. Recordings can be shared with anyone through email or popular video-sharing websites such as YouTube, enabling users to reach out to a wider audience. What’s more, learners can access video format of class recordings offline too.

To know more about how to access and share mp4 videos of class recordings.

Improved screen sharing in Virtual Classroom

WizIQ Virtual Classroom upgraded its Screen Sharing feature, enabling users to easily share their screens during a live session. They can stop the screen sharing at any point of time in case of which they will be directed to their virtual classroom. While sharing the screen, the presenter can perform a number of activities with the help of the tab options available even outside the virtual classroom. The tab options enable the presenter to access network information of the live class, manage audio control, and chat with attendees while sharing screen with them.

To know more about the updated Screen Sharing featureonline testing system.

New Virtual Classroom plugins

WizIQ added new Virtual Classroom plugins for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and eFront. These plugins enable teachers to use their existing content as well as perform other class-related activities on their website, LMS or CMS while conducting live sessions using WizIQ Virtual Classroom. Teachers can use the plugins directly for class schedules, class recordings, content upload, and class management. More power to online teaching and learning!

Live Class Health feature for classrooms

WizIQ introduced Live Class Health feature, enabling teachers to manage the Virtual Classroom experience better by keeping track of their overall live class health with just a single click. Besides viewing network information of attendees, teachers can also take remedial steps to improve class health at any moment while conducting a live session.

To know more about the Live Class Health feature, head over to our blog.

WizIQ launched cloud-based LMS

WizIQ launched the new and improved learning management system, WizIQ LMS, for seamless online teaching and learning. Featured with advanced usability and round-the-clock solution support, the new LMS is designed to provide the better user experience of online education by enabling users to create and deliver self-paced or live online and blended courses, enroll learners, and manage students without the hassles of traditional learning management system and IT assistance along with the following features:

  • Digital content library
  • Courseware sharing in varied file formats
  • Interactive virtual classrooms
  • Learner engagement in one-on-one, peer-to-peer, and group discussions
  • Built-in video streaming
  • User-interactive online tests and assignments

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Advanced testing system

WizIQ accomplished another milestone of success by upgrading its online testing system with an array of new features. The improved testing system introduced the following features:

  • Scheduled tests
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Assignment of individual scores to test questions
  • Shuffling of test sections, questions, and answer choices
  • Detailed scorecard
  • Editing options (copy and add from existing tests, bulk uploading of questions) for existing tests
  • Review test attempts by users in real-time with or without correct answers

To know more about the features of the improved online testing system.

Co-instructor for online courses

WizIQ introduced the Co-instructor feature for online courses to provide that much-needed help that teachers need to manage course content, enroll learners, schedule and conduct live classes, and perform other teaching activities. Teachers can monitor the activities of the co-instructor through notifications, edit the course content added by the co-instructor, and even remove a co-instructor at any time.

To learn more about the Co-instructor feature.

Mobile learning

WizIQ mobile learning app launched that enable users to attend live classes on the go. Users can view and download course content, access assignments, track progress reports, interact with teachers and learners through email and discussions, and view course and class schedules anytime, anywhere.

Upcoming feature updates

To continue with its success stories and more of such in the coming year, WizIQ is all set to launch the Permanent class feature, which will enable teachers to schedule a permanent class once and deliver it at any point of time. The best part is that a permanent class does not end unless the teacher chooses to end it. For WizIQ Desktop App users, class recordings will be available in mp4 (video) format.

With these success stories achieved in 2014 and many more lined up on the deck for the New Year, WizIQ is committed to meeting your teaching and learning needs while providing you with seamless, cost and time-efficient, user-oriented experience of online education. We hope to see you in a happier, healthier and enhanced world of online learning in the New Year.

The WizIQ family wishes you a grand New Year!

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