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WizIQ for Organizations: Maximal Authority to the Teachers!

Using WizIQ

You are an organization looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-use, comprehensive platform for your online training, online teaching, online tutoring, host webinar needs. You want your teachers to have all the freedom and flexibility to achieve the objectives of your organization through such a platform. Unfortunately, you have seen and experimented with one too many platforms, to no avail. Until now.

The new WizIQ LMS Software and Virtual classroom for organizations promises to deliver more than its predecessor version. With more features and functionalities made available to the organization and its teachers, WizIQ is set on the path to empower organizations and give greater authority to teachers .
One single organization account on WizIQ has the power to open up a whole wide world of online teaching, tutoring and training opportunities; for you and for your teachers. Being an Edupreneur and setting up your own online teaching business has never been easier. Simply sign up with the Organization account type on WizIQ, and get started. Voila!

Create and manage multiple teacher accounts

You will be amazed by how much a single account can do for you and your teachers. You can create multiple teacher accounts; these teacher accounts can be easily managed from within the admin account. The admin can add more teachers, edit their profile information, and monitor their teaching activities.

“This allows for greater transparency, better management and smoother syncing of organization aims and goals. This is the best option for organizations having multiple teachers spread all across the globe.”

Start Teaching/Training Online

Let your teachers be the torchbearers for your organization’s objectives. The new WizIQ for Organizations allows teachers to do a lot more than what they could do earlier. In addition to scheduling and delivering online classes via the Virtual Classroom, organizational teachers can also:

  1. Create paid courses, MOOCs or private courses
  2. Add rich content to the Courseware
  3. Access all the advanced Whiteboard tools and features
  4. Create tests and assignments
  5. Record classes and reuse them for Courseware material
  6. Invite own Learners from within the WizIQ online teaching system

Build Your Own Brand

Go from clinking the champagne flute to hitting the gong, with WizIQ. Home to 3.5 million learners and 255,000 online teachers; the astounding numbers make building a brand fast and more effective.

Connect with teachers and other organizations to build up your online teaching network. Attract more learners and promote your brand through word of mouth. Goodbye investing into cumbersome software and expensive marketing methods!

Achieve More with WizIQ

WizIQ is the most comprehensive online teaching system for holding blended, self-paced, or instructor-led live courses, and it is a more cost-effective choice than any other comparable solution available.
The new WizIQ eliminates the need for any external website, LMS or heavy softwares, for the online teaching requirements of your organization.

“In nutshell, in order to run a successful online teaching business, all you need is a computer system with an internet connection. It’s that simple!”

Other benefits to organizations include

• 24/7 live phone support for teachers and students
• A range of pricing plans to suit varying budgets
• Easy virtual classroom plugins for integrating the WizIQ Virtual Classroom with websites or learning management systems like Moodle, Sakai, Joomla, and more

Check out our plans & pricing for organizations, and get started today. If you would like to know how WizIQ can help your organization, feel free to write to us at support@wiziq.com or call toll free on this number: 1800-567-8059.


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