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WizIQ gets 10/10 as Online Homeschooling Partner: Red Oak Academy

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Online Homeschooling is here to stay. According to the latest data collected by National Center for Education Statistics (NCES, 2011), over 1.7 million students in America were homeschooled in the 2011–12 school year. This figure stood below 1 million in 1999 (850,000) and rose slightly over a million in 2003 (1,096,000).

What’s spurring the demand? The NCES study found that 91% of those homeschooled students had a parent who raised concerns with the learning environment in schools. At the same time, the emergence of eLearning platforms, K-12 distance education provides, and for-profit ventures offering structured curriculum, self-paced learning and the most qualified tutors, has also encouraged parents to go for online homeschooling.

Are you thinking of setting up your online school? Look no further. WizIQ, the first choice of 4.5 million instructors and teachers across 200 countries, meets all your requirement to set up a successful tutoring business. Live video classes, self-paced courses, private learning environment, secured online payment, easy assignment submission, onboarding of content, feature-rich tests… WizIQ has got you covered.

If you are running an online school on your own website and wish to integrate a powerful virtual classroom to deliver live classes, WizIQ Virtual Classroom is the one you are looking for. Red Oak Academy is one such online homeschooling platform that chose the WizIQ Virtual Classroom solution to take their business to the next level. The ROA staff and students love the intuitive interface of the virtual classroom and its multimedia functionalities, so much so that they give WizIQ 10/10 for its services.

  • Read further to know more about Red Oak Academy and how they leveraged WizIQ Virtual Classroom to make their online homeschooling program a brilliant success.
  • Red Oak Academy: The Only Accommodating K12 Online School

    Started in the summer of 1995 in Irving, Texas, United States, Red Oak Academy currently provides education services for regular, gifted and special needs students in grades PreK-12. The academy is an approved correspondence school in the Commonwealth of Virginia and 38 other states and provides State Compliance Assistance in all 50 states to homeschool families in grades PK-12.

    The academy is equipped to provide special education services to students with special needs like ADD ADHD, Down Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, etc. Upon enrollment, the ROA staff occupational therapists and parents of special needs students discuss the student’s specific needs. The results of this IEP (Individualized Education Plan) teleconference is then circulated to all of the student’s ROA instructors and strictly adhered to.

    Red Oak Academy also facilitates dual college enrollment for 11th graders and offers advanced placement courses such as AP biology, math, art course on request. Additionally, they help students from graduate and undergraduate schools worldwide with their toefl exam prep, transcription order for college admissions, etc. They have been helping students from India, China, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, and more recently Thailand and Hong Kong.

    Delivering Live Video Classes and Experience with Other Platforms

    The academy started hosting their online education program using Moodle and began video streaming internally. Students had to start the class with Windows media player. This arrangement had lots of limitations. Neither was there any whiteboard to explain concepts nor the possibility to show YouTube videos or other study materials in the class. Teachers could only play pre-recorded videos.

    The academy next began using WebEx to deliver live classes but it turned out to be a very expensive proposition. A chance search online for ‘affordable learning platform’ led them to WizIQ and they found it to be the perfect online solution they were looking for. Besides, WizIQ Virtual Classroom could be easily integrated into Moodle using its plugin extension.

    How Red Oak Leveraged WizIQ Virtual Classroom to Deliver Powerful Live Classes

    “I am so happy we found you,” says Frank McCollum, the Founder and Director of Education at Red Oak. Following are the WizIQ Virtual Classroom features that ROA benefitted the most from and you too can for your online homeschooling program:

    • Recorded Sessions: Recordings are extremely important for ROA since they have students joining all round the year. With online class recordings, students are able to catch up with their peers and begin taking live classes along with others. ROA maintains 4 years of online classes on their archives which provide 24/7 access to study materials for unlimited revision.
    • Powerful, Feature-Rich Whiteboard: ROA finds whiteboard in virtual class to be highly incredible allowing tutors to teach higher math and explain complex concepts of trigonometry, calculus, etc pretty easily. WizIQ Virtual Classroom allows tutors to write notes on the whiteboard using the pen tool, draw shapes, use mathematical symbols, and erase content easily on the whiteboard. Tutors can even allow students to write and draw on the whiteboard by transferring controls to students.
    • Multimedia learning in virtual class: Red Oak instructors create engaging online learning by bringing into play different content formats like multimedia presentations, audio, video files, etc. in the live class. They can easily do that by accessing their Content Library within the live class. Even better, tutors can easily play YouTube videos in the live classroom by simply inserting the video link in the Media Player. WizIQ Virtual Classroom has a built-in Media Player that allows tutors to play fun videos and audio books for visually challenged students and learners with reading difficulties like dyslexia.
    • Lots and lots of interactivity: Live text, audio and video chat between the student and the learner and amongst students make the virtual class even more fun and interactive as compared to the traditional class. Moreover, since students love chatting on computers, why not channelize it for learning activities! WizIQ Virtual Classroom allows using of emoticons in text chat, raising of hand to ask a question and private chatting with the instructor.

    You can view the complete list of features that WizIQ Virtual Classroom offers from here.

    What Red Oak Academy Says About WizIQ

    Frank McCollum, the Founder and Director of Education at Red Oak, is all praise for WizIQ.

    “It’s pretty much 10 on 10. We have been satisfied with all the services. There were no difficulties at all, even with Tech Support. The initial weeks did take time to set up the Moodle Integration, but all has been fine since then.”

    You can download the free case study on Red Oak Academy from here.

    Want a Live Demo of WizIQ Virtual Classroom?

    If you are planning to enter online homeschooling or online tutoring business, WizIQ Virtual Classroom is the best (and also the most affordable) solution for you.

    Request for the product demo by dropping in a mail at To have a hands on experience with the award winning virtual classroom, you can contact or request for a 14-day free trial by clicking the link below:

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