WizIQ Improves Quality of Class Recordings

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For quite some time, teachers and students on WizIQ reported few issues in audio/video quality of classes on WizIQ. And we took serious note of their feedback and worked hard (& smart) to improve the audio and video quality of online classes.

Here is what it used to be:

Old virtual classroom recording

And, here is what it’s going to be:

improved virtual classroom recording

Why has the class recording file size increased?

The size of the class recording may vary depending on the speed of user’s Internet connection in the live class. For example, if a user has high speed Internet, the quality of video/audio in the live class will be high and as a result the size of the recording will be large. In short, better the Internet connection speed, better will be the audio/video quality. And, subsequently, larger will be the size of the recording.

So, please be a little patient while downloading the class recordings. Though it may take longer due to larger file sizes, we promise that it will be worth the wait!

For suggestions and feedback, please write to: support@wiziq.com


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