WizIQ Introduces Co-instructor Feature for Online Courses

Product Spotlight

In its continued efforts to enhance your online teaching experience, WizIQ now offers you an “extra pair of hands” to assist with your online courses. Get ready to enjoy the benefits of having a co-instructor (or co-instructors) join you on the platform.

Teach together, create together

Enlisting a co-instructor makes teaching more pleasurable and rewarding while making it easier to manage your responsibilities. The best part: your co-instructor can perform nearly all the functions you can as a course provider, from overseeing the delivery of your online courses to managing your live sessions. With your co-instructor’s assistance, you can more effectively meet your learners’ needs and build and grow your courses on WizIQ.

Lessen your workload

Just like you, your co-instructor can:

  • Upload course content
  • Enroll learners
  • Schedule and conduct live classes

To get started, simply create a course on WizIQ and add one or more co-instructors to the course. Having a WizIQ teacher account enables you to add as many co-instructors as you wish.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to Course Settings from your course page.
  • Go to the section labeled Co-instructors under Course Settings.
  • Click Add Co-instructor and choose one or more contacts as co-instructors.

step 01

step 02

As soon as you have added co-instructors, you can share all of your teaching and course activities with them.

You own your course

It is a great thing, indeed, to have teaching assistance. But your course remains your course. While a co-instructor can assist you with various responsibilities, you remain in complete control. You can monitor the activities of the co-instructor through notifications, edit course content added by your co-instructor, and add and remove a co-instructor at any time.

Get started now!

Log in to your WizIQ account, create an online course, add co-instructors, and start teaching. With more teaching assistance, you can educate learners with more expertise and make the most of online learning.

If you have any questions related to the co-instructor feature, please write to us at support@wiziq.com.

Enjoy teaching with WizIQ!

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