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WizIQ Mobile App Gives More Power to Instructors and Learners with New Additions

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An average person spends around 70% of waking life in front of digital media. And mobile is one of the most used devices. Doesn’t this clearly hinge on the importance of delivering a great experience on mobile?

Sure, it does. But too often, the experience on mobile is just average. Online education is no exception. Though it’s still in its preliminary phase, at WizIQ, we are dedicated to create online environments where both instructors and learners can have awesome experience teaching and learning respectively.

This is what drives us. Ever since we rolled out our mobile app, we have been on a mission to evolve it to ensure that you, on either side of learning – delivery or consumption, can get the best experience. Recently, we have made some significant additions and enhancements in our pursuit to make instruction on mobile more holistic.

1. Simplified UI

First things first. When you update your WizIQ’s mobile learning app, you’ll notice a cleaner look and fewer icons. The new look aligns perfectly with our mission of ‘simplifying instruction and learning via mobile’.

The simplified UI makes navigation much faster and simpler. Because buttons are fewer and everything is right in front of your eyes, it addresses diverse interests. Instructors and organizations can cash-in by reducing the time to train their learners on how to use their elearning platform. Plus, it eliminates the fear of learning to use new technology.

Learners, on the other hand, can focus more on consuming knowledge rather than hitting the buttons and trying to explore new technology. They can immediately start using it.

2. Fast Loading Time

The speed at which a page loads has a direct impact on user experience. We have worked on this aspect too. The page loading time has reduced significantly. When a user logs in for the first time and registers for a class, the entire content is immediately downloaded on the device, resulting in the quicker access to the course material.

It improves overall performance because the page takes lesser time to load on each subsequent visit. This way the app uses a lot less data until the cache is cleared.

This significant enhancement helps instructors enhance end-user experience. Their learners will be able to access the content even if the internet bandwidth is low. On the other hand, learners will not have to wait for the page to load even on a low bandwidth.

3. Enhanced Document Reading Experience

Another significant improvement we’ve added is pinch to zoom feature, which allows readers to zoom in and zoom out the documents. The readers can adjust the length and width of the documents with one quick scrolling movement of fingers. This wonderfully enhances the visibility of content.

Also, in the latest release, the page rotates itself automatically to horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) orientation depending upon the angle of your device’s screen.

enhanced document reader

4. Tests and Assessments

Moving training and teaching to mobile addresses space, time and cost constraints. However, the first question that organizations and education institutions face when going mobile is “Will it provide a holistic learning experience?”

Certainly, it is going to be more holistic with WizIQ mobile app’s latest version. It includes a brand new feature ‘test and assessment’. By including this, we have addressed a key efficiency area. Until now, neither the assessments were mobile friendly, nor could learners take tests from mobile. Learners no longer need to login from desktops to attempt tests. They can do it from their smart devices.

The new version not only adds to the learner convenience but instructors will also be benefited a great deal. All the tests they create from now on will be mobile optimized by default. This saves them the time and effort to create separate tests for desktop and mobile versions.

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5. No Username and Password Required to Attend a Live Class

Another significant addition to WizIQ mobile app is the ability to attend live classes without the username and password. This brings forward a great deal of benefits for both instructors and learners.

Instructors will be able to redefine the end-user experience by encouraging learners to attend live sessions from anywhere without indulging in much formalities. They can simply send the link of their live class via chat or email.

Students using Android devices can attend the session simply by clicking on the URL. The WizIQ mobile app automatically launches as soon as they click on the link. iOS users can copy the link and paste it on the login screen of WizIQ mobile app to attend the class.


The instant advantage is that learning becomes hassle-free. Another side benefit is that even if a learner forgets username and/or password, he can still attend the class simply by clicking on its URL.

These additions and enhancements in WizIQ mobile app open up limitless opportunities, giving more power to both instructors and learners. They can be more mobile than ever. With more power in their palms. Download WizIQ mobile app here:


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Shivani Sharma

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6 thoughts on “WizIQ Mobile App Gives More Power to Instructors and Learners with New Additions

  1. I’m a student, I just downloaded the WizIQ mobile app on my iPhone, trying to attend a class by using the URL I received from the teacher which actually works on my computer, but when trying with iPhone app there is a message “The class URL is not valid”
    Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi Viviana,

      Thank you for writing in. This feature will be up by the end of the month – currently, this feature is not supported by iPhones.

      Please let us know in case you have any other query.

      WizIQ Team

  2. Again. I have the WIZIQ desktop app on my PC. If I want to teach students with smartphones (who have downloaded the mobile app) will they be able to attend classes I create on my desktop?

    1. Hey, your students will need to download the WizIQ mobile app to be able to attend classes from their smartphones. And the best part is that you don’t need to create separate courses for desktop and mobile apps.

  3. I have the WIZIQ desktop app on my PC. If I want to teach students with smartphones and other mobile gear, do I download the mobile app on my PC? Why doesn’t WIZIQ off classroom recordings of new products like this?

    1. Hey, you will need to download the WizIQ mobile app on your smart device. Also, your students need to download the app on their mobile phones to be able to attend classes from their respective mobile devices.

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