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WizIQ iOS mobile app is the first online learning delivery app to support iOS 10

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“M-Learning is the future of eLearning. Currently, it’s in its infancy stage.”

A cliché as old as the term ‘mobile learning’ itself. Mobile represents 65% of all digital time and desktop just 35% [¹]. It is evident that mobile is a growth driver and rules the present and the future.

This is why, we, at WizIQ, constantly work towards upgrading our native mobile apps for eLearning. In this endeavor, we’ve recently rolled out a new update to our iOS mobile app. It has cool enhancements, major feature additions, and usual bug fixes.

Already, WizIQ iOS mobile app is game for all types of learning – live, micro and offline. The latest update gives more power to our users on either side of learning – delivering or receiving. Here’re some major changes rolled out in this update:

  1. Support for iOS 10

    iOS 10, the tenth major release of Apple iOS operating system, was released on September 13, 2016. And, as of October 7, 2016, it has already become the most-installed iOS version, with installations on 54% of the iOS devices.

    WizIQ iOS app is the first online learning delivery app in the App Store to support iOS 10. Apple rolled out the update on September 13. And by September 15, our tech artists got the app ready for iOS 10. It got listed on App store on October 3. So, we have an updated iOS app in less than a month of iOS 10 release. It is also backward compatible with all older versions up to iOS 8.4.

    wiziq iOS app

    We understand that as an instructor, you need to give flexibility and control to your learners with iPhones/iPads. This update will allow your learners to access your courses or attend sessions on-the-go from their iOS devices, supporting any version ranging from iOS 8.4 to iOS 10.

  2. More immersive UI

    The latest version of WizIQ iOS mobile app introduces an immersive user interface. The moment you land on the homepage of the app, you’ll notice a cleaner look. The design is immersive which means the status and navigation bars are merged with the app. The UI controls are visible but become transparent, and the users can actually go full-screen.

    The benefit? It minimizes distractions and provides a more seamless user experience. The focus remains solely on the content.
    wiziq app

  3. Full native player support

    The latest version of WizIQ iOS mobile app comes with full native video player support. The app’s video player now utilizes the inbuilt capabilities of the iOS platform and is built taking full advantage of AVFoundation to play audio-visual media. This helps video player perform better and faster. The visual content loads faster, thus, reducing the waiting time.

    wiziq mobile app

    The support for the native player has a significant impact on the overall user experience. The end user is able to navigate through the app faster and enjoys a superior performance of the audio-video content. As an instructor, you would want to provide a seamless experience to your learners regardless of their device’s internet bandwidth. The support for native player wins the war for you.

  4. Background audio support

    What used to happen before this update was that the audio would stop playing as soon as the screen was locked. Now locking the device doesn’t pause or stop the playback. The benefit is that the learners would be able to listen to the lecture or the audio content even when:

    • the screen locks accidently
    • the screen is locked purposely
    • the device is running out of the battery, and it is on battery-saver mode

    wiziq ios app

    This update brings some significant changes and improvements in WizIQ iOS mobile app. We are sure that this would make the lives of our users much easier. So, log in now and update your app for an enhanced experience.

    Try the updated WizIQ iOS mobile app or download by clicking the button below and share your feedback.

    wiziq mobile app

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