Online Teaching has Never been Easier: WizIQ launches teacher-centered Apps for Android and Apple

Product Spotlight Using WizIQ

WizIQ App for Apple and Android

If we are going to empower teachers to deliver some of the most amazing classes to the students of planet Earth, we need a revolutionary approach towards education. A significant part of that involves envisaging the future of education so as to bring a paradigm shift in online education. To this end, we are pleased to announce the all-new teacher-centered WizIQ mobile learning app.

When we began to work on the new and improved version of the WizIQ App for Android and iPad, we focused on every aspect of effective online teaching — high-quality audio/video controls, seamless Media Player, integrated Content Library, and easy-to-manage Whiteboard — in the best, most progressive way possible. Previously, the apps were only learner-centered, but the new version of the app’s questions the status quo. The new apps are now also teacher-centered, i.e., conducting online classes is now just a touch away.

Built on Adobe AIR Flash builder technology, the new and improved WizIQ App promises to take teaching experience to a whole new dimension by delivering state-of-the-art, quality performance.

Every new aspect of the App is engineered for teachers (That doesn’t mean students can’t use it anymore. All learner-specific features remain intact.).

Here is what teachers can do with the new WizIQ App:

Conduct LIVE classes: Now teachers can conduct live, online classes from their tablet devices. The following features cover a range of activities that teachers can perform:

  • Enable or disable chat
  • Add or delete Whiteboard
  • Access content from the Content Library
  • Extend class duration
  • Acknowledge raised hand
  • Start or stop the video streaming
  • Transfer audio/video or writing controls to the attendees
  • Navigate between slides of a presentation

Designed with built-in options for conducting Live classes, Facebook login, App invocation from the browser; the WizIQ App sets a new standard in flexible, high-performance online teaching. And, it has everything you need to build a custom teaching ecosystem, regardless of where you are and how you work.

High levels of interactivity achieved by the new architecture, teacher-friendly interface and versatile features, render a unique appeal to the Apps, making them one of the most easy-to-use and innovative educational apps available to teachers. And the fact that these are available for free at App Store and Play Store adds to their unexampled appeal.

The new and improved WizIQ Apps are a reflection of the company’s vision to stay at the forefront of education technology through continuous innovation in order to provide a more rewarding experience to users.

If you have any queries or feedback related to the new apps, write to us at . We would love to hear from you.

Find the new WizIQ apps here.


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