WizIQ LMS: Break Away from Traditional LMS

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Tired of facing the typical LMS woes every time you try out online teaching? Well, not anymore. WizIQ brings to you the cloud-based, social, and user-friendly learning management system. The best thing about WizIQ LMS is it is easy to use, and requires no installation and training. Just log in to your WizIQ account, get started with the best LMS plans as per your teaching needs, and make the most of online learning. It’s that simple and how!

No more LMS hassles
WizIQ LMS provides you with the best of online learning system catering to all your teaching requirements. It is easy to use and cost-effective. It requires no installation or training; you can start it instantly and start creating your self-paced and live courses without any IT assistance. Its round-the-clock solution support makes online teaching easier and comfortable like never before.

Your course your way
You can create and deliver unlimited number of self-paced or live online and blended courses with the help of a wide range of advanced and user-interactive teaching tools. Create your online curriculum with your own digital content library, enroll as many learners as you want, and manage multiple teacher-learner accounts with ease. WizIQ LMS enables you to manage your online courses with live classes, online tutoring, assignments, tests, and interactive discussions.

Digital and secure content
Content uploading and sharing got a lot easier with the cloud-based WizIQ LMS. You can create and build your own digital content library, upload files in varied formats, and let your learners view them without the pain of downloading the files. The built-in video hosting and streaming feature enables your learners to play HD quality video files securely and seamlessly. The in-browser content viewing enables the video files to be viewed directly on WizIQ without the need to download.

Advanced testing system
You can create online tests for your learners with an array of advanced test settings including public-private tests, time-bound and scheduled tests, negative marking, multiple-choice questions, shuffle, and more. You can also edit your published tests, copy and add questions from existing tests, and import bulk questions to your test. Instructors and learners can review test attempts along with detailed test reports for improvement.

Social and user-interactive learning
Engage your learners in social learning by involving them in one-to-one or peer-to-peer discussions. Make as many interactions as possible with your learners by sharing their attendance reports, test feedback, and group discussions. Track their activities, give and review timely assignments, and share detailed feedback.

Global audience
Optimize the WizIQ learning platform to reach out to a wider audience in the easiest way possible. Create and deliver Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) with as many number of learners as you want to enroll from across the globe. Get your learners engaged in your synchronous MOOCs with live online classes. Make learning easier and quicker for learners by letting them access course files on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

The advanced WizIQ LMS provides you with the perfect platform for seamless online teaching and learning. So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to traditional LMS and get started with WizIQ LMS for the best online teaching experience.

If you have any queries about WizIQ LMS, please write to us at support@wiziq.com.

Happy teaching!

Dr. Dipima Buragohain

A Doctorate in Linguistics by education, a Content Strategist by profession, and a wanderer by choice, she loves to travel, explore, understand and write about new people and places.

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