WizIQ Meet Whiteboard

Introducing WizIQ Meet Whiteboard, A New Visual Collaboration Tool

Online Education Using WizIQ

Virtual classrooms are in high demand!

A virtual classroom is a digital learning environment where instructors and learners connect online in real-time.

Every school, college, and the university is looking for a perfect online classroom solution to deliver the best quality education to students.

The most productive collaboration sessions usually occur on the whiteboard. Making notes in the form of words or representations of the idea using a drawing or diagram can help you think more clearly and come up with new ideas.

With the latest innovations in WizIQ Meet Whiteboard, We’re able to provide enhanced collaboration and hybrid experiences, regardless of whether you’re physically present with each other.

If you are looking for a new robust online education platform, make sure it contains the core features.

Features of WizIQ Meet Virtual Classroom Software

  1. Interactive Features

WizIQ Meet virtual classroom ensures that attendees participate as actively as they do in traditional classrooms. It comes with elements that encourage learners to interact, prompt them to ask questions, etc.

WizIQ Meet Whiteboard

  1. Multi-User Whiteboard

The multi-user whiteboard is a great feature for engaging students in your WizIQ Meet session. When you turn on the multi-user whiteboard, your session participants will have access to the annotation toolbar and can annotate the presentation area.

  1. Attendance/ Participation Report

Attendance reports enable the host to obtain relevant data easily and quickly. They can collect data such as meeting duration as well as in-meeting attendees interactions. 

  1. Device Independent

WizIQ Meet allows access from any device: a mobile phone or a tablet of any operating system, Android or iOS, which can maximize the support for education continuity.

  1. Muti-lingual Support

WizIQ Meet supports multi-lingual. Meet support appx. 60 international and Indian languages.

Multilingual Whiteboard

  1. Sharing External Videos

WizIQ Meet allows the presenter to share any video using links from different video streaming platforms like YouTube.

Video sharing Whiteboard

WizIQ Meet has designed a brand new, modern work-focused hybrid Whiteboard experience to gratify your need. Consequently, both in-person and remote attendees can collaborate visually on one digital screen.

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