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TrustRadius, the leading peer review site and research platform for business software,  published on December 17th 2015 its 2016 Learning Management Systems TrustMap – a two-dimensional chart comparing LMS products based on end-user satisfaction ratings and research frequency by prospective buyers on TrustRadius. WizIQ LMS has been named a Top Rated solution on TrustRadius’ Learning Management System TrustMap™*.

Selecting a business software can be a very complex process that can sometimes turn into an unending ordeal. This stands equally true when evaluating Learning Management Systems. There are a ton of things to consider when weighing the various options – features & functionality, pricing, scalability, support and last but not the least- user experience! Peer reviews, ratings and overall experience sharing from existing users form a very important pillar of this evaluation and purchase decision-making process.

That said, it can be extremely difficult for potential buyers to find their way through the digital noise that software marketers create today.  No wonder, they seek a definitive platform that captures the true voice of current users of various options available and presents it in an easy-to-comprehend format – enabling decision making that’s driven by insights.

And when it comes to finding substantive and authentic user review based insights about business technology products, TrustRadius is a go-to place. It is one of the world’s most trusted business technology research and review platforms.

That’s why we are pleased to announce that WizIQ LMS has been named a Top Rated Learning Management Systems Platform by software users on TrustRadius. The ranking is based on 230+ in-depth reviews and user ratings. With an overall rating of 7.7, on a scale of 10, our product has been recognized based on a wide range of criteria – implementation, performance, usability, scalability, and likelihood to recommend and renew.


“WizIQ is a Top Rated LMS on TrustRadius, particularly among its small business customers,” said Megan Headley, Research Director at TrustRadius. “Users like the online course creation and assessment capabilities, as well as the sound and video quality and the support for multiple languages.”

Detailed insights from our existing customers on a global technology research platform like TrustRadius is a social proof for our prospective customers. This iterates the fact that we are a “great fit” for companies (of all sizes) that need a comprehensive and scalable learning management system. Our entire platform has been developed keeping in mind the needs of end-users. Organizations that are considering taking their L&D program online will certainly find a great value in these candid and unbiased first-hand reviews.

So, what helped us get there?

WizIQ LMS is an outstanding product. But here are specific strengths that our users just couldn’t stop raving about on TrustRadius:

1. Load scalability: Our users noted how easy and quick it is to add more number of learners without impacting the overall performance. No additional equipment/plug-in is required to manage the load (increasing number of students). They just need to upgrade their existing plan.

2. Usability: Instructors find our platform easy-to-use. They find it simple to learn to use the platform and feel confident using it.

3. Return on Investment: An education service provider requires the  fastest “time-to-market” for a learning program  and minimal time and investment on tech infrastructure, development and integration. WizIQ scores really high on both of these counts by enabling ESPs to start delivering high-impact online learning with in minutes.

4. Performance: We have been rated 9.1 on10, when it comes to performance. This means that our users typically face very few issues when using WizIQ LMS.

Being rated amongst the top learning management systems on TrustRadius is exciting. However, we are geared up to work harder to make our product simpler, and for our users to rate us even better on TrustRadius!


*Disclaimer: The TrustMap™ is a visual depiction of the best software products as rated by users on TrustRadius within each market segment. TrustRadius does not endorse any vendor, product, or service depicted in its TrustMaps and does not advise software users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings.





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