WizIQ Now Lets You Control the Quality of Video Recording of Your Live Class

WizIQ Now Lets You Control the Quality of Video Recording of Your Live Class

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WizIQ had launched the video recordings in MP4 format in August 2014 in its desktop app. The positive feedback by instructors, like you, has encouraged us to add more power and flexibility to it.

Before we talk about the latest feature update, let us elaborate on the ways in which video recordings can empower learning delivery of someone who conducts live online classes.

-> For an institution, video recordings help improve instructor efficiency by helping him reuse the material.

-> Recorded videos can also become a part of flipped classroom as a pre-class assignment.

-> Video recordings can open a new revenue stream, helping you reach new markets. In fact, marketing these videos is an excellent way to make money even while sleeping!

-> B2B companies may tie up with an industry expert to conduct a live webinar on Virtual Classroom. However, catering to potential prospects in different time zones becomes a challenge. In such a scenario, recording and promoting videos helps increase the ROI of such marketing campaigns.

-> Live online sales training or customer demo can be recorded and then shared as and when new learners join. Time, cost and effort involved in orientation decrease significantly.

To cater to all such use cases, WizIQ has recently added the option to choose the recording quality of the MP4 videos in the Desktop App. And like before, these files will be saved for offline access on your system’s hard disk and can be played through any media player.

The benefits certainly don’t end here. The latest update in WizIQ’s Desktop App offers you much more. As an instructor, you now enjoy more control with your class recordings. Now let not internet bandwidth or a shaky network interfere with the recording of your live lecture. You can record and upload it even when the speed of your internet connection is low.

Also, it addresses storage-related concerns. If you think you’re running out of storage allotted on your cloud-based online teaching platform, you can go for a low or medium quality recording to save space.

What is in it for your students? Well, they won’t miss your lectures and workshops. Learners can view recordings multiple times, at their convenience. Additionally, they can work around their priorities. They can go through tough lessons when they are at their best. And the recordings will make it easier for them to comprehend difficult concepts.

More About WizIQ Desktop App’s MP4 Recording Quality Feature Update

With this new desktop app update, you can control the quality and size of videos.

Here ‘flexibility’ is the key.

As soon as you enter the class and are ‘good to go’, you’re automatically directed to this feature – ‘recording quality’. You can choose any of the three options:

  1. Low quality
  2. Medium quality
  3. High quality

By default, the recording quality is set as ‘medium’. However, you can adjust the settings. Let’s try to understand this.

Assume that the bandwidth of your internet connection is low. And you still want to record your live session. What will you do? Choose ‘low quality’. It will start processing the recording and upload it even when the internet bandwidth is not very good. This also works well when you’re running out of storage allotted on your cloud-based elearning platform. The file size will be small.

A high quality video requires good internet bandwidth. Also, it consumes more storage space. However, this is the best choice when it comes to delivering an optimum experience to your learners.

How to Control the Quality of Video Recording?

So, how do you control the video quality? It’s simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose to Record Your Class

After you log into your account and before you schedule a live class, choose to ‘record this class’. This feature is available only when you choose to record your session. Also check ‘make video (MP4) recording available for this class’.




  1. Enter Class and Click on ‘Good to Go’

After you enter your class, check your audio and video devices and make your virtual classroom ready. The moment you click on ‘I’m goo to go’, you’re directed to the ‘recording quality’ page automatically.

You can also select it on your own by clicking on the option ‘recording quality’ on the left hand side.




As you can see in the above picture, ‘medium quality’ is set by default. You can choose any of the available options, depending upon your preferences.




Click on ‘save’ button to save your preferences.

Note: One thing that you should keep in mind is that the settings once done will be saved forever. It will not ask you to set your preferences in succeeding sessions. If you wish to alter settings, you will need to do it manually.

To alter your preferences, click on the ‘settings’ on the top right corner of the interface (as shown below).


You’ll be directed to this:


All you need to do is – repeat the process.

This update opens up more opportunities for instructors. Along with eliminating internet bandwidth and storage constraints, it also gives second economic life to your online lecture by allowing learners, who could not attend the class because of different time zones or weren’t interested in it, to watch it later at their convenience.

Another benefit is that good quality recordings reduce the time and effort in sourcing or creating the supporting learning content. WizIQ Desktop App’s latest update helps you create a rich experience for your students, which directly translates into repeat business and word-of-mouth publicity.

The flexibility to choose MP4 video recording quality gives you more control on your online class recordings. Also, you get to redefine the entire learning experience for your students by cutting on the monotony of human-less explanatory videos. Even when you are not actually delivering a lecture, you’re creating human interaction.

So, try out the latest feature and let us know about your experience. If you face any problems or have any questions, take to the comments section. We’ll be glad to help you.

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