WizIQ first to offer live online Chromebooks classes to meet rising popularity

Product Spotlight Using WizIQ

More than one million Google Chromebooks have been sold to the education sector alone in the last quarter. Google’s first commercial laptops, which are web-based and use the Google Chrome operating system, have risen to a place among the best-selling devices in the U.S. and are currently top sellers worldwide.

With more academic institutions likely to purchase Chromebook laptops as they become recognized as a leader in education technology, WizIQ now offers its Virtual Classroom to work efficiently on these devices. To date, WizIQ is the only live online education platform to offer live online classes for Chromebooks.

The WizIQ Virtual Classroom in Google Chromebooks was first offered in early September 2014. Initially, only a few schools used WizIQ on Chromebooks for blended learning. But soon, entire school districts began employing Chromebooks for students, due to its value and performance.

Chromebooks’ rising popularity in the education sector can be attributed to a number of factors: affordability, simple deployment and management, ease of use, and no need for extensive technical knowledge to set up or use the device. Even still, once you get a Chromebook into your classroom, the question remains— what can you do with it?

With the Chromebook empowered by the WizIQ Virtual Classroom, the possibilities for effective education in online learning are endless. For example, you can:

  • Provide a flexible learning environment, in which a student in a brick-and-mortar school could have the flexibility to take advanced online courses offered at other schools or universities.
  • Give students access to live interactive online classes from anywhere in the world, without the burden of costs for travel and print materials.
  • Teach live online classes with real-time audio and video communication, including features like live chats with the class, groups, or individual students; multiple interactive whiteboards; virtual breakout rooms; screen-sharing with co-presenters and speakers; polling tools; multilingual support in 19 languages; and more.

Even more, with course curriculum often changing, especially in higher education, WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom can act as an efficient time-saver. While instructors in traditional college classrooms must frequently create new lesson plans for every batch of new students, the WizIQ Virtual Classroom includes a convenient recordings feature that allows educators to record and reuse their online classes, including whiteboards and all audio/video communication— saving time without sacrificing quality education.

Here’s a snapshot of a WizIQ classroom in action in Google Chromebooks:

Conduct polls
Teacher conducting a survey during live class.
Teaching geometry
Teacher using drawing tool to teach geometry
Watching videos
Teacher teaching by playing videos in the class.
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