WizIQ or Moodle – The Choice Is Clear

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WizIQ vs. Moodle

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

I borrow this quote from the great Benjamin Franklin to lay emphasis on the fact that the most important part of learning is involvement. The more involved you are the better you understand. The better you understand, the more you implement. Breaking the walls of the conventional classrooms, WizIQ has transcended geographical boundaries to bring learners and educators together on one platform. This platform ensures that no matter where you are, you can be an active participant in the learning process – all you need is an Internet connection. WizIQ is not alone in this endeavor. There are quite a few online education platforms that have become popular with educators and students over the years. One of them is Moodle, the open source education platform.

I had the opportunity to use and review the WizIQ and the Moodle mobile Apps. I compared the two Apps on their usability and performance and here’s what I found:

Scenario 1 – Attending a live class:


WizIQ’s Live Classes feature on the App allows you to attend live classes anywhere, anytime. Using the App, you can communicate with the teacher through live audio & video chat or text chat during a live class. You can also access the recordings of the past live classes, in case you need to refer to them.


Neither the Moodle App nor the platform has the Virtual Classroom feature which makes it impossible for learners to communicate with their teacher in real time.

WizIQ-Live Class in WizIQ App

No Live Class feature in Moodle App

Scenario 2 – Accessing course content:


Swift and easy – this perfectly describes my experience while accessing course content on WizIQ App. You tap on the Courses icon at the bottom of the screen and you can access all the courses that you have attended till date. The course content is neatly arranged either week-wise or section-wise. The Activity icon at the bottom of the screen lets you post your views and questions related to a particular course. Participants in the course can comment and share their thoughts on your post making it an effective discussion forum.


To access course content on Moodle, you first have to tap on the My Courses tab on the main menu. From there on, it’s almost same as the WizIQ App until you come to the point where you have to choose the content you want to see. This is where Moodle makes it a tad bit difficult to access the course content. When you tap on the content you want to see, you will be directed to the Moodle website where you will be asked to log in again! It’s only after logging in that you can access the content. What is the point of an App if it redirects you to the website for relevant information! You might as well log in to the website from the very beginning.

WizIQ-Course-Content in WizIQ App


Scenario 3 – Notifications about courses


You can see notifications about every course you are enrolled in on your WizIQ App. All updates related to content addition, test addition, class schedule are notified to the learners by this Notification feature.


Moodle does not have a notification feature in its App. It has a Calendar Events feature that shows you all the course-related events that are scheduled to happen for the next 90 days. But it is a poor substitute for a regular, real-time notification feature provided by WizIQ.

WizIQ Notification Feature on WizIQ App

 Moodle Notifications on Moodle App

Scenario 4 – Messages from your contacts and teachers


The WizIQ App has a Messages feature for receiving and sending messages from and to people in your contact list. This helps you, among other things, interact with the teachers and put your questions to them even after the live class is over.


Unlike WizIQ App, Moodle does not have a direct messaging feature. You have to tap on the Participants tab under My Courses feature to send and receive messages. This limits your experience as you have to go to My Courses feature and then Participants tab to send and receive messages.

WizIQ-Messages Feature in WizIQ App

Moodle Message in Moodle App

Scenario 5 – Checking Assignment Status


Once you submit an online assignment, you will be notified about the status of the assignment through the Notifications feature in the WizIQ App. Learners can also get submission reminders for their assignments. This helps you stay on top of your assignment status at all times.


There’s no way to find out the status of your assignment on the Moodle App. At most, the App directs you to the Moodle website where you can track the status of your assignments. Again, it is not very convenient for the user.

WizIQ Notification Feature on WizIQ App


Scenario 6 – Make Or Break Situations


Of all the Apps I have come across, I can say with absolute certainty that WizIQ has the best support feature. Just tap on the left hand side of the WizIQ App screen and you will get the option for Support. Tap on the Support tab and you will get a telephone icon. Tap on the telephone icon and a call is automatically placed to the WizIQ Support Team. And yes, it is toll free!


Moodle has a Help feature in the App. Upon tapping the Help tab, I was once again redirected to the Moodle website. On the website, you find a lot of information about the App, but you have to scroll down to the very bottom of the page for contact information.

WizIQ Help Feature in WizIQ App

Moodle Help in Moodle App

Both Moodle and WizIQ Apps are vying for the numero uno spot in the Educational App market. Based on my experience, I would cast my vote in favour of WizIQ App for the above-mentioned reasons. Moodle App will have to come a long way before it becomes a serious challenger to WizIQ App. The first step could be enabling the Live Class (Virtual Classroom) feature in the Moodle App.

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