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WizIQ Recordor 2.3 – Redefining Video Lectures!

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WizIQ Recordor has just been updated and it’s just awesome!

Many of you may be well aware of the features and benefits of WizIQ Recordor. If not, please check out our previous blog explaining the features and benefits of WizIQ Recordor. In short, WizIQ Recordor lets you convert your PowerPoint presentations into video lectures. This simply means that you can record and synchronise your live video and audio feed and even pre-recorded audio with your PowerPoint presentation. I am sure you also know that WizIQ Recordor can be downloaded and installed for free. Let me give you more reasons to rejoice. The upgraded WizIQ Recordor now boasts of three amazing new features:

Record Live Video

The previous version of WizIQ Recordor provided you with just the Record Audio feature. The Record Audio feature lets you record narration for your presentation slides. This leads to the creation of video lectures with only your voice in it and not the video. Record Video feature helps you record your live video and synchronise it with your presentation slides. The video lecture thus created, has both your narration as well as your recorded video. The following video explains how Record Video feature works.

Import and Sync Audio

You can use the Import and Sync Audio feature to import an existing audio file from your computer and sync it with your PowerPoint presentation. Let’s say you have an audio recording or an audio file on your computer that perfectly matches and further enhances the slides you have put together in your PowerPoint presentation. You can just import this audio recording into your PowerPoint presentation and then sync the audio with the appropriate slides. The above video shows how you can do so.

Import Audio feature, WizIQ Recordor

Adding Video Lectures Directly To Your Courses

The Share feature, in the earlier version of WizIQ Recordor, allowed you to share the video lecture through e-mail and upload it to your Content Library. In addition to these options, the upgraded version of WizIQ Recordor gives you the option of adding the video lecture directly to your course. To do this, just click the Share icon and then click the WizIQ Courses button. You get the option of adding your video lecture to any number of courses created by you.

Add video leactures directly to your courses

These three additions are a part of our continuous efforts to make our products the best in the online education market. With these three new features, you can create more impactful lectures and share them with ease.

And yes, WizIQ Recordor is still free! So, go ahead and download or update WizIQ Recordor and start recording!

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