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The WizIQ Support Team

At WizIQ, a part of the office is bustling with activity every weekend (a very unlikely scene at a typical workplace).  It seems that the folks from the WizIQ Support Team are completely oblivious of the weekend (or so we think). A guy in the corner is typing quickly on his keyboard as if there’s no tomorrow. He appears to be on a mission. There’s a girl in the cubicle who is intently talking on the phone, trying to help someone. She reaches for her coffee every now and then. Everyone is busy.

 So, what are these guys up to when most of the people are outside having fun?

They are supporting thousands of teachers for whom online teaching is a way of life. WizIQ values their commitment to transforming lives through online education. To help them achieve this goal, WizIQ provides support services through different channels.

WizIQ recently went a step further to provide 24X7 Support to its users. Yes, you guessed it right! It means you can now get Free Product Demos, and other Support Services round the clock. In addition, WizIQ’s Premium Members can now enjoy Personalized Support Services provided by their Personal Support Managers.

All this has been done to ensure that you continue your journey to your goal.

So, how exactly does it feel to be supported 24X7? Get the firsthand experience of the upgraded Support. Send an email to the WizIQ Support Team at support@wiziq.com or chat with the support representative at a time that suits you.

Ajay Verma

Ajay is part of the Marketing Team at WizIQ. He likes to read and write poetry. He dabbles in photography every now and then. In addition, he has a passion for words and music.

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