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Recently a friend of mine, Allison Morris, from www.onlineuniversities.com, sent me a gorgeous graphic she put together for her site. The graphic pulls together some great facts about teachers and technology. When I saw the graphic, it not only resonated with me but it inspired me to do some more teaching and learning on WizIQ. Let me tell you why.

WizIQ is such a good fit for Teachers and Learners

You can tell that the WizIQ team were inspired by active learning and the power of interactive, technology-rich learning environments. They have done so well putting together a truly high impact virtual classroom that has so many distinctive features for teachers and learners. Besides the very high quality of the audio feed and the easy setup and schedule options, my favorite technological bits of the WizIQ Virtual Classroom are the quality of the video feed, the facility of the chat room, polls and break-out rooms, the extensive Whiteboard tools, being able to set up video playlists, screen sharing easily done with handy buttons for chat, video streaming and the participant list, and the two latest additions to the WiziQ toolset — WizIQ for the iPad and Android tablets and the digital pen interface of the whiteboard.

Getting Inspired on WizIQ

As WizIQ Virtual Classroom teachers, I suspect you have the same love of educational technology as I do, or you wouldn’t have signed onto this wonderful system. I hope you enjoy my friend Allison’s graphic and that it resonates with you as it does with me. I felt inspired by the graphic to come back to WizIQ and do some more teaching and learning. I hope that you do too!

Retrieved from OnlineUniversities.com What do we Know Infographic

Dr. Nancy Zingrone

Dr. Nancy Zingrone has a PhD in psychology from the University of Edinburgh and an MSEd in Higher Education from Northern Illinois University. She is passionate about online education, having learned a significant amount of what she knows about teaching online from the incomparable Dr. Nellie Deutsch and the wonderful folks at WizIQ. Her work background includes more than twenty years in personal and individual differences research, publishing, higher education administration, and adult education.

2 thoughts on “WizIQ Teachers Love Technology!

  1. Would love to know how to get more tech in my classroom when the district is strapped finacially. What I have is ancient, or I bought it.

  2. Would love to know how to get more tech in my classroom when the district is strapped finacially. What I have is ancient, or I bought it.

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