WizIQ to Update the Screen Sharing Feature

In our ongoing efforts to improve various features of the WizIQ Virtual Classroom, we are going to revamp the screen sharing option for WizIQ users, making it simpler and quicker.

From 15th February 2013, WizIQ users will experience few changes in the screen sharing feature in the Virtual Classroom sessions. Presenters or teachers, who want to share their screen, would need to install Java on their systems. The options to share Window/Application/Desktop will not appear anymore. By default, the presenter’s desktop (screen) will get shared with the students.

A big plus in using Java to share screen, students or class attendees would not need to install anything, they would be able to view the screens shared with them without any hassle. Moreover, students can view the shared screen even on their iPads or Android devices, thus making their online education truly mobile.

We also want to assure you that WizIQ will continue to improve this feature in coming months. There are plans in place to enhance the quality and options linked with the screen sharing feature.

For any suggestions or feedback, you are most welcome to write to us on support@wiziq.com

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