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WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin for Joomla!: More Interaction, More Learning

Product Spotlight

Teach online, there are two components that all online teachers must possess.

These are:
1. A comprehensive teaching platform or website that serves as a base for your teaching activities – storage and dissemination of teaching material viz. documents, presentations, etc.
2. A virtual classroom to connect with students in real time (live environment)

The first requirement for effective online teaching can be met by Joomla!, an open source (free) Content Management System (CMS). It makes it easier for teachers to create their teaching website and manage their content without virtually having any technical know-how.

The WizIQ Joomla Virtual Classroom Extension, on the other hand, addresses the need for real-time interaction between teachers and learners. It enables teachers to use their existing content on the Joomla! website while allowing them to conduct live classes using the award-winning WizIQ Virtual Classroom.

The Virtual Classroom plugin is easy to download and set up. No additional authentication is required to integrate the Virtual Classroom with your Joomla! website using the plugin.

The WizIQ Virtual Classroom integration with Joomla! offers the following benefits:

  • All class-related activities, such as scheduling and delivery of live classes, content upload, and class management, can be performed from within your Joomla! website. Teachers can leverage their existing content on the website and use it in a live class. Hence, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, and get acquainted with a new interface, thereby reducing time and unwanted effort.
  • All live classes conducted using the WizIQ Virtual Classroom can be recorded. Teachers can allow students to view the recordings online or download them for later reference.
  • The WizIQ- based Joomla! online classroom can be used directly by teachers to edit the schedule of their upcoming classes, or make changes to the uploaded content.
  • WizIQ Virtual Classroom records every time a student joins or leaves the class. An attendance report is generated at the end of the class, which can be downloaded by teachers for their own records, or to share with the students. This attendance data can also be integrated to form applications, such as a student information management system.

The WizIQ Virtual Classroom integrated with Joomla! using the Virtual Classroom plugin enables teachers to schedule, conduct, and manage live classes and provide a complete learning experience to their learners.

To deliver live classes from within your Joomla! website, download the WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin for Joomla!.


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