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WizIQ Virtual Classroom Software Now Supports 21 Languages

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Your learners think in their mother tongue. It’s a part of their existence. So, why not let them learn in the same language even during an online session? WizIQ online classroom software now allows both instructors and learners to view the user interface in 21 languages.

Immediate benefits?

  1. Select a language by user preference
  2. Use the language for user interface that you’re most comfortable in
  3. Improve learning and collaboration across regions or countries

The multi-lingual capability of WizIQ VC interface allows educators and businesses to deliver learning in their preferred language. It has a direct impact on their ability to go international yet keep the experience local.  

WizIQ virtual classroom software now supports following 21 languages:

S. No.LanguageDisplay Name
1EnglishEnglish – United States
2SpanishSpanish – Spain
3PortuguesePortuguese – Portugal
4HebrewHebrew – Israel
5ThaiThai – Thailand
6ChineseChinese – Hong Kong SAR
7RussianRussian – Russia
8ArabicArabic – Saudi Arabia
9CzechCzech – Czech Republic
10DutchDutch – The Netherlands
11Farsi – PersianFarsi – Iran
12FrenchFrench – France
13GermanyGerman – Germany
14GreekGreek – Greece
15ItalianItalian – Italy
16KoreanKorean – Korea
17MalayMalay – Malaysia
18PolishPolish – Poland
19Swedish-SESwedish – Sweden
20TurkishTurkish – Turkey
21VietnameseVietnamese – Vietnam

This means that as a presenter or live class instructor, you can choose any of 21 supported languages to view the interface. However, you’ll have to contact WizIQ support for changing the language preference. It can be selected as ‘Arabic’, if your learners are comfortable with Arabic language. Similarly, for English speaking audience during another live session, you can choose the interface language as ‘English’.

When we say ‘user interface’, we mean control buttons or navigation, which include menu, field tables, tooltips, text chat, whiteboard text, screen sharing and all other control options. Once you designate a particular language, it is enforced for all your sessions unless you raise a request to WizIQ support for language change. 

Multi-Lingual Support is Not Language Translation

 WizIQ virtual classroom doesn’t come with a translation feature. This means when you change the interface language, it applies only to control buttons and not the learning material. The language of the already uploaded content remains unchanged. If the uploaded content is in English, it will remain the same, irrespective of the language of the user interface.

Support for 21 languages is already available. The number is constantly growing. Connect your learners in the language of your choice. Know more about virtual classroom plugin.

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