WizIQ Wednesday Webinar #2 is coming up!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the next WizIQ Wednesday Webinar is coming up. Our first webinar, available shortly on Blip.tv and viewable now on WizIQ, was a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to the next Webinar this week. As a former high school math teacher, it’s a subject near and dear to my heart: The use of virtual classrooms in K12 schools.

I wrote about this a while back on the WizIQ blog, specifically referencing the use of the virtual classroom in charter schools, but there is clearly a lot to talk about for mainstream public schools, private schools, and even homeschooled children.

So I look forward to seeing you at 12:30PM EDT on Wednesday, March 28th. The class is free and public and requires no signup, so just follow the link, enter a screen name, and join us for an interactive discussion of the virtual classroom in K12 environments.

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