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Your Guide For Hosting Virtual All-Hands Meetings

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The all-hands meetings can be an essential part of an internal communications strategy. When they are conducted properly, they help align teams and offer a safe place for discussion and feedback.

They also assist employees in knowing how their job and work contribute to the larger scheme of things. This guide will guide you through all you must be aware of about all hands-on meetings. We’ll go over the basics of the purpose behind it and why it’s crucial.

What Exactly Is An All-Hands Meeting?

A meeting that is all hands also known as town hall can bring an entire team online or in-person to discuss updates for the entire company.

Usually, an executive manager (think the chief executive or your chief operating officers) is the one who sets an agenda that is full of announcements from the company as well as new initiatives as well as team shoutouts. There is also the time set aside for questions and discussion.

Conduct A Great All-Hands Meeting In 6 Simple Steps

  1. Set Up Your Meeting Ahead Of Time

To ensure that the virtual meeting is in line Take an extra step back and think like an executive. This requires planning and planning, as well as an extra bit of planning.

Begin by creating a draft agenda and then distributing it to all stakeholders involved in advance. Make sure that the agenda, flow of the meeting and the presenters could take a while so ensure that all stakeholders are aware of your timetable.

  1. Host Your All-Hands Gathering With A Focus On Specific Topics

The most effective all-hands meeting encourages open communication and creates an open atmosphere where employees can participate. To create an inclusive and fun atmosphere, WizIQ has found several successes in organizing the all-hands meetings around specific subjects.

To do this, you’ll need to determine the topics that will be most interesting to employees, and then eliminate anything not as significant.

  1. Make Sure You Are Meeting With All Hands Frequency

With the increasing number of remote workers, you’re likely to find that your business could benefit from an increase in meetings to ensure that communication is on the right track.

In the past year, WizIQ has recognized the necessity of a more regular schedule to meet with all employees. The idea is to hold informal meetings that enable the management to share regular updates on the environment in the company, as well as discuss employee concerns.

  1. Plan Meeting Activities

One of the biggest challenges faced by remote work is keeping the feeling of belonging. When planning your next gathering, think about ways to incorporate social activities. You can think of simple ideas like online happy hour, trivia game lunch and learns, and Slack challenges.

  1. Use Surveys To Gather Feedback

We’ve found that gathering feedback following the virtual all-hands event is vital. It’s likely to be evident during your next sync with your company that it’s difficult to assess the reaction of your audience during live broadcasts.

  1. You Can Measure Your Success

After every hand, we post a survey so that the entire team can give feedback. Most often, success is determined by many things. We’re all trying to adapt to a new remote work environment. Take advantage of the lessons learned and keep improving your internal communications process.

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